Friday, 24 May 2024

The new age British Genocide
EVER HEARD the saying that there are too many people on the Earth to sustain life? Well, I have, and so has the Conservative Party apparently. The death toll from the benefit reforms are starting to reach the hundreds mark, and that’s what has been recorded as directly associated with the benefit reforms; counting such statistics such as though starving to death, freezing to death or those who have reached the point of simply killing themselves due to not seeing any future other than that of unemployment and servitude to the demands of DWP – factor in these statistics, and I dare say that the thousand mark was reached a long time ago.

It’s a genocide.

The Conservative Government has no love for the working class people; they would rather see those of us unlucky to be unemployed dying off than take their precious MP salaries. Despite the statistics clearly showing that unemployment is now effecting those who worked for ten plus years, graduated and 18-21 year olds as a majority; people who have all had their prospects drastically and brutally slashed by a government out of touch, and out of mind.

The Bedroom Tax. Yet another Con-Dem attack on ordinary working families

Recently a story came to play of a blind windowed and bereaved mother who lost her son and husband in the same year who faced eviction from her home, the only place she is entirely secure and comfortably in, due to the bedroom tax. What a disgrace to our nation has a tax regime which forced a mother and wife who lost her family in one year but also someone who is disabled, and has lived in her home for numerous years.

What of those who don’t receive media attention? I’m convinced that the harsh winter has put more bodies to the soil due to the government’s lack of stamp down on energy providers and super-market chains; the cost of living is escalating with no wage increases. Inflation is at an all time high, and the value of the pound is worth more abroad than it is here. People have tightened their belts to the point where it is now causing them to suffocate.

Look at the number of soup kitchens opening up throughout the country. Why is it that in an energy rich nation, with plentiful resource and a fully operational commerce and transport system, that we must pay higher costs for food, accommodation and heat? If the government is truly with us, then they would surely use national directives and the power of the law to obliterate the abuse of the British household? No, the answer is that the top brass of the Conservative Party would like nothing better than to see the vast majority of those who have fallen on hard times fall on to an even harder bed of nails.

The economic downturn has destroyed the standard of life for the working class while the bankers and wealthiest increase in disposable income day by day.

Margaret Thatcher was bad, however in all honesty she was open about her ambitions, not like these new torries who sly in the shadows like a parasite.

You may ask yourself why they would want us dead, and it’s quite simple:

Darwinism – the survival of the fittest, except in this fight the weakest and more intellectually lacking somehow managed to find their way into government and thus began to erect the beating sticks against those who built their communities and country off blood, sweat and tears.

Three questions for you to consider:

1. How can it be legal to implement a bedroom tax when there aren’t enough single bedroom homes to accommodate the demand?

2. Why is the NHS in England and Wales being privatised?

3. Why are there high costs for education? If the working class cannot successfully go to University due to costs, then what sort of society will that create?

A lecturer of mine once said ‘you only have as many freedoms as those with the closest guns allow you’. Look around you, see what the government is doing. Think of the children that will go hungry tonight, or the pensioners who wonder if they will survive another winter. Look to those who have yet to start their life fully and wonder what life is being taken away from them by the greed of our bankers and the government.
Fight against this new age genocide, fight against the wealthiest taking advantage of the poorest, and most certainly and most importantly, fight against the political machine which has wrapped chains around your soul and listed you as expendable resource.
• THIS ARTICLE was printed earlier this year – you can find it here!/2013/05/the-new-age-british-genocide.html on the Young Political Radical blogsite, which is run by NLP member, Robert Byng.

Since it was written who knows how many people have suffered from Cameron and Clegg’s Austerity Agenda? This has seen the banksers rewarded for their mistakes and greed (which led to the current recession) whilst ordinary working families have been hit hard by cutbacks, low or no payrises and a reduction in their living standards.

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