Sunday, 16 June 2024

From The Liberty Wall – National Liberal Trade Unionists – Issue 1 of Liberal Worker Out Now.

WE RECENTLY noted that issue 1 of Liberal Worker – the Voice of National Liberal Trade Unionists – would be “produced in the very near future.”

We’re now happy to report that it’s available FREE (in pdf format) to all those who take a particular interest in the economy, employment and general Trade Union issues.

Issue 1 of Liberal Worker (LW) leads with an article which examines the way the Con-Dem Government is in danger of (or maybe has sought to create?) a ‘hire and fire’ culture by giving the ‘green light’ to unfairly dismiss workers. Cameron and Clegg have already succeeded in slashing employment protection, intend to introduce costly Tribunal Fees and reduce compensation payments to those who have been unfairly dismissed. Talk about kicking people whilst they’re down!

And the real reason for this anti-worker agenda? LW hits the nail on the head when it notes that doing away with worker’s rights “is reward to the Tory party’s right-wing business donors.”

Another fine article puts the case for a National Liveable Wage – as opposed to the National Minimum Wage.

The main difference between the National Liveable Wage (NLW) and National Minimum Wage (NMW) is that the Liveable Wage takes into account the basic cost of living. Whilst the NLW is not perfect it is far, far better than the NMW. Liberal Worker thus concludes that the Liveable Wage should replace the Minimum Wage.

Campaigning for the NLW also forms one section in LWs progressive ten-point Manifesto. Other interesting features of the Manifesto include the restoration of “Employment protections lost under the present government,” support for an ‘opt-in’ policy for Union political levy’s (as is the case in Ulster) and extending “the scope of some employment protections to the self-employed.”

All-in-all Liberal Worker is an interesting read. It’s certainly refreshing to know that there are Trade Unionists out there who are as equally opposed to socialism as they are capitalism. To get hold of your copy, simply e-mail and ask for your FREE pdf copy of issue 1 of Liberal Worker.

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