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Fourth World Review


All through history man has quested for democracy and largely he has failed; in the past it has often been because of military dictatorship and tyranny, but in modern times this factor has been abetted by another, one still mainly unrecognised, that of size.

It was unrecognised that as an electorate grew in size the power passed from individual members to party machines. Nor did it stop there; with the development of mass newspapers, of radio and of television, new forms of power, new ways of influencing popular thinking emerged which ensured that the electorate did not so much control the government but rather the government controlled the electorate.

So great has been the power of the media that it has reached a stage where boardroom ownership power, coupled with the boardroom power of private investment and banking, today largely controls the power of government. This is clearly expressed in the modern development of a united EUrope in defiance of the general will, and which all the major parties are afraid to oppose. The way forward is not through mass party machines, but through the development of local community governing powers to a maximum level to ensure we have government not from the top down but as much as possible from the base up. A Fourth World of peoples’ power.

THE FOURTH WORLD is not a political party; it is thousands of political parties, all seeking freedom from the destructive thraldom of supersize political and economic arrangements which now threaten all of us with nemesis. They are seeking an organic structure of power so that when evil erupts its scope for harm will be constrained by its limited size. Villages and small communities are the bloodcells of civilisation, if they are free and fully empowered they can yet halt the current Gadarene rush to collapse and enable civilisation to flourish in peace and plenty and a splendour to match the achievements of the human-scale world of the Renaissance.

At heart The Fourth World is a struggle for the transformation of contemporary consciousness, an educational drive to convey that what we need to change is not so much what governments do, but to change what they are. They are too big, they are out of control and they will continue their current course of destructive excess to ultimate degrees unless we soon make them smaller.

THE FOURTH WORLD, the world of

small nations,

small communities,

small farms,

small shops,

small industries,

small banks

& the inalienable sovereignty of the human spirit

Presently we produce a magazine Fourth World Review, now running at issue no.155! If you would like to get involved in writing for it or simply want a PDF copy of the latest issue please let us know by contacting us at Fourth World Review, PO Box 2410, Swindon SN5 4XN or e-m: We also have a FB group you can join at!/groups/288486767860011/ or simply type in Fourth World Review!

To download issue 153 (winter 2011) click HERE



To download issue 154 (spring 2012) click HERE

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