Wednesday, 29 May 2024

Organise To Oppose The Cuts!
CAPITALISM is a highly unstable social, economic and political system. It fluctuates between boom and bust at fairly regular intervals. Here the ‘good times’ are always followed by the ‘bad times.’ Capitalism also allows for poverty amongst plenty. This is where our shops, supermarkets and warehouses are overflowing with goods – but people don’t have the money to buy them.

Capitalism is also a system that’s always stacked in favour of a very tiny minority as opposed to the vast majority. At the moment it’s a system in crisis. Its inherent contradictions are there for everyone to see. It is delivering austerity for the majority and unimaginable wealth for a few at the top. Inevitably people are questioning the whole system.

The Con-Dem government’s Austerity Agenda is Cameron and Clegg’s way of addressing the recession and its aftermath. However, ordinary working people know that they weren’t responsible for the recession. Yet we’re at the sharp end its effects. Single parents, the unemployed, the disabled and youngsters are really being hit hard.

Everyone knows that the recession was entirely the fault of ‘casino capitalism’ – a mixture of greed and mistakes made by the bankers, ‘fat cats’ and speculators. However, it’s ordinary working families who are suffering the most. Why should we bear the brunt of the cuts to jobs and services?

If anyone should have their ‘wings clipped’ surely it would be those who got us into this mess in the first place? Yet the bankers, ‘fat cats’ and speculators still seem to be making money hand over fist. They’re incapable of ‘mannig up’ and accept even the slightest moral responsibility for their actions.

So, whilst the majority (of ordinary working families) are having jobs and services slashed, Cameron and Clegg still allow the minority (the super-rich elite) to get away with their scams. The banks still fiddle people by creating ‘money’ out of nothing and then charging interest on it! The ‘fat cats’ and speculators are still – largely – able to salt away their money in various off-shore accounts and tax havens.

But why should the majority accept cuts when the state of the economy is nothing to do with us? The Con-Dem government is effectively punishing the majority for actions of a small minority. By anyone’s standards this is wrong, immoral and bang out of order.

With this in mind, we call upon readers to help the National Liberal Party build the resistance to austerity.

We need to build a movement that can both challenge both the ‘ideology’ of the pro-austerity parties and those who actually vote for cuts to be inflicted. Attacks on our communities – in the form of cuts to essential jobs and services – should not be tolerated. To do this, we need to organise co-ordinated campaigns both on the streets and in the corridors of power.

Ultimately, however, we need to build an alternative system that completely rejects and replaces capitalism. This alternative system must be both National – where property and the means of production should be spread as widely as possible – and Liberal – where we have compassion and support for those who, due to birth or circumstance, are much lesss fortunate than ourselves.

Do you agree? Want to discuss these ideas? Get in touch with the National Liberal Party today. Simply visit

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