Saturday, 20 April 2024

Better Divided or Bitterly United
Whilst the establishment might think the thirst for independence has been quenched our resident poet foresees greater demands for devolution throughout the Union.


Dear Friends,

Whilst many hundreds of small nations are still struggling for the right to self determination (including Tamils in SL), the Empire (UK), that in fact set fire to those very ambitions worldwide using its colonial power; a couple of days back went through the motions of seeking an answer within itself on “Scottish Independence”. The process in Scotland threatened the very core of UK’s existence!

The poem below is to emphasise “It doesn’t matter how a Federal State comes up, but how it is ruled, must be based on the freely expressed aspirations of people…”

hope you all enjoy it.


Better Divided or Bitterly United…!

For better or worse,
Destiny had its course,
To cast together nations four:
English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh
Into a union; Peoples willed! It did flourish!

Be it, for the palaces’ power,
Or for the barons’ valour,
Either at a treasonous knife point,
Or at the blood stained battle front,
A union born, braving hence history’s tremors.

A Union…!
Founded on a collective will,
Prospering on mutual goodwill,
Now threatened to break at fringe frills,
For lack of vision at Westminster hall;
And mustn’t it be redressed by all people?

A Union…!
Better divided or bitterly united?
A question beckons – and must be answered!
Let the people be sovereigns!
Like they’ve spoken in Scotland;
And not conjured in dark committee rooms
Of Westminster Palace.

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