Sunday, 21 April 2024

Who We Are

WE ARE National Liberals.  And as our name suggests, our ideology is a fusion of two equally historical & honourable political ideas – nationalism and liberalism.  

First of all, however, it’s important to note that our form of nationalism is completely different from those reactionary ‘nationalists’ who worship the State.  We’re not Statists – indeed, we’re very much opposed to ‘Big’ government.  We don’t believe it’s the job of government to micromanage people on a daily basis.  

We are progressive nationalists, and our loyalty is to the nation & its people, as opposed to the State.  Indeed, we regard the nation as a ‘family of families’.   

On saying that, we do feel that there are instances whereby government has to act to protect the nation & its people.  Thus, our form of nationalism isn’t aggressive, imperialist or jingoistic.  

We feel that government involvement is justified when it is in the national interest.  This would include the likes of borders, constitutional affairs, defence, energy, foreign policy, health, heavy industry, transport & so on.   

It’s also important to point out that our form of liberalism is completely different to those ‘liberals’ who’re only too willing to bend over backwards to accommodate everyone & everything.   

We are ‘muscular’ liberals – and not regressive liberals.  Again, we’ve no interest in running the lives of everyone around us.  

Our form of liberalism relates to the freedom of the individual (who, in turn, make up the family of families).  Therefore, we believe that there should be civil & religious liberties for all.  For example, free thought & free speech should be protected by law.  And the ‘Big Brother’ surveillance state should be opposed.  

Regular readers will be familiar with the NLP – Self-Determination For All logo that accompanies this brief article.  The three areas of Self-Determination we promote are national, economic & political.  

In short, National Liberals work towards creating a nation of sovereign citizens – and not a State full of servile subjects.  That is who we are.  

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