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What Should We Make Of The People’s Vote March?

‘A walk in soft shoes, chiffon scarves in a waft of expensive cologne, Waitrose bags bulging, does not “The People” make. Especially when it’s led by blood-soaked war criminals … #Brexit

George Galloway

WHAT SHOULD we make of the People’s Vote March?

Despite the size and scale of last month’s People’s Vote March in London, we feel that it’s time to say goodbye to our EU imperial overlords! Those readers who wish to stop any possible second referendum on EU membership should sign this petition: signed?token=rOZcU3hRIMvsYKh1T2L7

As all readers will know, towards the end of last month around 700,000 people marched through London to signal their opposition to Brexit. Thus two years after the original People’s Vote (to leave the EU) of 23rd June 2016 those who disagreed with that result want a ‘Final Say’ in a future ‘People’s Vote.’

Even though the National Liberal Party campaigned in favour of Brexit, we would be the first to acknowledge that the size and scale of the People’s Vote March was very impressive indeed. The main speakers were London mayor Sadiq Khan, Green Party MP Caroline Lucas, Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable, and Labour MP Chuka Umunna. Tories like Anna Soubry and ‘celebs’ such as Delia Smith were also in attendance.

It must have took some money and organisation to set up, to say the very least. (Out of interest, does anyone have a clue where the money came from to finance such a demonstration?)

Many people noted that the size of the march – and strength of feeling – couldn’t be ignored by the politicians.

However, size isn’t everything. For way back in 2003 between 750,000 to 1 million people protested in London against the Iraq war. However, Tony Blair & Co ignored this march and joined US President George W. Bush in yet another disastrous overseas imperialist adventure.

Ironically, one of those who claimed that Theresa May’s the government couldn’t ignore the People’s Vote March and who supported the right of the people to have their say was none other than Alastair Campbell. This is the same Alistair Campbell who famously helped Tony Blair’s government ignore the 2003 Stop the War Coalition march in London. The words chutzpah and hypocrisy spring to mind! (1).

The National Liberal Party believes in real democracy (2). Indeed we’re great fans of referendums like the original People’s Vote to leave the EU. We’re even greater fans of preferendums – where the electorate can choose from three or more options – which we feel are even more democratic than referendums.

However, there’s one difference between those who believe in real democracy and those elitists who are leading and financing the anti-Brexit campaign. The difference is that real democrats would have respected the decision of the first People’s Vote held over two years ago.

Real democrats would also respect that the result of any referendum would be binding for an agreed period of time at the very least. Indeed, those of us who oppose membership of the EU have had to wait since 1975 to have our say!

(The United Kingdom joined the European Economic Community (as it then was) on 1st January 1973 with Denmark and Éire. This proved controversial at the time. The Labour party initially sought renegotiation of membership. This was toned down to requiring a referendum on whether the United Kingdom should remain part of the Community. This referendum was duly held in 1975 with a 67% vote in favour of continued membership. (3)

Thus real democrats have waited 41 years for the opportunity to reverse the original vote. The Brexit vote was only about 41 seconds old before the Remainers (or is that Remoaners or Remaniacs?!!) started to demand another vote!

We feel that in any other form of election many of those who oppose Brexit – especially the politicians – would have been more than happy with both the turnout and vote itself. However, as we’ve previously mentioned, because ordinary working folks stuck two fingers up to elites it’s a entirely different matter (4).

So then, what should we make of the people’s vote march?

Well, as we’ve already observed it was certainly very impressive in size. But we feel that it will fail in its real objective – and that’s to stop Britain leaving the EU on Friday, 29 March 2019. (However, the terms on which Britain quits the EU are a completely different matter).

Those who say that the EU referendum should have been decided on a 2/3rds majority (or at least 50% plus 1) may have a valid point. However, this wasn’t stipulated for the referendum.

And lets not forget that Remain camp held all the aces going into the referendum. They set the date of the vote and posed a fairly simple question Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union? The two responses were equally simple – Remain a member of the European Union or Leave the European Union. David Cameron’s Tory government also produced a booklet – sent out to all electors – giving the case for remaining in the EU.

Therefore, we reiterate that there already has been a People’s Vote – and the people won. It’s time to say goodbye to our EU imperial overlords!

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