Sunday, 21 April 2024

Trump Isn’t Another Hitler. He’s Another Obama. (Part 3)
THIS IS the third of a four-part series looking at US President Donald Trump. It was written by Caitlin Johnstone for the US on-line publication Medium. You can read the original – and full – article here:
Caitlin Johnstone believes that – at heart – there’s not much difference between Donald Trump and Barack Obama, especially when it comes to foreign policy. The NLP agrees with this view. Indeed, we feel that many of America’s politicians are in the
pocket of the US Military-Industial complex. And the sole aim of the US Military-Industrial complex is to impose the ‘American way’ (rampant capitalism, crass materialism and consumerism) on sovereign nations, by any means necessary.

Recently, the Middle East has been on the receiving end of this form of US imperialism. Iraq and Libya have been made ‘safe’ but Syria has proven to be a harder nut to crack. Now the US the Military-Industrial complex has Iran in its sights.

It doesn’t matter who’s in ‘charge’ of America – it was Obama, it’s now Trump and it might have been the ‘War Hag’ herself, Hillary Clinton – the result is always the same. Indeed, as Caitlin Johnstone has noted elsewhere:

As I’ve been saying all year, Plan A for the US-centralized empire is not to do to Iran what was done to Iraq; Plan A is to do to Iran what was done to Libya and Syria. It’s important to be clear on this so we know what to watch for. The modern approach to destroying a noncompliant government is to use sanctions, propaganda, covert ops and alliances with extremist factions to plunge the disobedient nation into chaos, all of which this administration is currently doing. This is far more efficient and media-friendly than a full-scale ground invasion and the regular deliveries of flag-draped coffins which necessarily come with it. The antiwar movement needs to adapt skillfully to opposing a form of warfare which relies more on drones and CIA ops than the traditional forms of conventional warfare, because they are just as deadly and devastating, as a swift glance at Libya and Syria makes evident.
You’d think for all their perfectly justified hatred of Obama’s warmongering, the populist right would do a better job of spottingthose exact same patterns re-emerging in the current administration, especially when some of those patterns involve a group Hillary Clinton herself took off the US terrorist list.’


Trump Isn’t Another Hitler. He’s Another Obama. (Part 3)

It doesn’t really matter who the President of the United States is. It was Obama, it’s now Trump and it might have been Hillary ‘War Hag’ Clinton. They all serve the the US Military-Industial complex.

THE MAGA crowd tells me their guy has de-escalated the Syrian situation in an attempt to paint him as less pro-war than his predecessor, but that’s not even true either. Until US troops actually leave Syria, all this administration has done is kill a bunch of people (many of the civilians)(1), occupy parts of a sovereign nation, and refuses to leave. Why are those troops still there when Syria and its allies are perfectly capable of handling any remaining traces of ISIS as they have been? No good reason, that’s for sure.

This is not the fault of the American people, the American people consistently vote against interventionist wars (as evidenced by the fact that winning presidential candidates have to campaign against them), and while they may be guilted by the tribe into flag-waving once the troops are there, they consistently say no to every request for consent for more empire-building wars. In my recent article (2) about how the CNN/CIA narrative is running the same script for Iran as they did for Libya and
Syria, most of the pushback I received was from good people who wanted to make sure I knew that they didn’t consent to military intervention, they were simply offering their support for the people of Iran.

Which is about as naïve and sweet as a kid wanting to help the nice old man find his puppy. I understand you wanting to help find the puppy America, but for God’s sake please don’t get in that man’s van.

So the will of the American people has been heard loud and clear. They do not consent to more regime change wars and more military interventions. They do not want that.

Through the trickery of the mainstream media though, they are paced by fear-mongering and guilting into a reluctant, bargaining, “Well okay then…” consent which is quickly turned into flag-waving enthusiasm because you have to support your
troops, don’tchaknow? And I get that! Everyone knows a seriveman or woman; you don’t want to make them feel sad or like their life is being wasted. That’s such a tragedy! Who wants to make that conscious?

Let’s be clear, too; the troops are often from some of the finest of working and middle-class families across the States, families whose strong sense of morality about right and wrong led their young sons and daughters to make the courageous decision to enter the armed forces. These young men and women were born with the most exemplary of desires. They want to make the world a better place and they are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to do so. People love these families and
they love their children.


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