Monday, 20 May 2024

The Real ‘green’ party is a Deeper Shade of Orange

The National Liberal Recruitment campaign is showcasing five Key political issues and samples a footnote policy in each. The areas covered are the National Health Service, Democracy, Civil Liberties, Environment and the Economy. A leaflet explaining our position can be obtained here We will share with you our policies on key issues over the coming days.


The Real ‘green’ party is a Deeper Shade of Orange

It is impossible to get away from the fact, that ecology encompasses everything. We are all part of the ecological cycle and our actions have an impact and implications. Where we live, the food we eat, the clothes we wear how we get to work and even where we work all have some form of impact on the environment. Then you have to look at population, energy, waste disposal and the economy. Each has an impact on ecology and the natural environment. It is worth remembering, we are only custodians of this planet, leasing it from the next and future generations. This is why it is vitally important that future generations do not pay the price for our actions today.

The National Liberal Party has created an environmental policy based on sustainability. Our environment cries out for sustainable practices in industry, agriculture, transport, energy, development, family planning and immigration, and the National Liberal Party would deliver these. Below we focus on just one area of our policy, by looking at energy.

The National Liberal Party – Supporting Clean, Safe Energy!

With the obsession of the main parties, plus minor ones such as UKIP and the BNP, with nuclear power, it is inevitable that if the National Liberal Party ever came to power we would inherit a number of nuclear powered plants. This being the case we would ensure the strictest safety measures at these plants, as well as when waste is stored, transported and deposited. No corners would be cut for financial reasons as safety is concerned.

Having said this, the National Liberal Party does believe nuclear energy is a potential time bomb waiting to go off, and with the support of the general public via a referendum, we would work to replace nuclear powered stations at the earliest opportunity. Catastrophes such as Fukishima and Three Mile Island have proved beyond all doubt nuclear energy is unsafe, plus we still do not know the long term effects of dumping nuclear waste. If our generation does not pay the price, future generations, and the planet could pay a very high price indeed!

In addition to safety factors, our country would still not be completely self sufficient in energy, as large quantities of uranium or thorium would have to be imported, possibly placing our energy requirements in the hands of very unstable regimes.

Financially nuclear power is also not viable with giant subsidies of taxpayers money having to be paid to the nuclear power industry. The National Liberal Party believes it would be better for these subsidies to be redirected to households and local authorities allowing them to install solar panels or other forms of renewable energy.

Balanced energy supply

In the short term, the National Liberal Party favours a combination of cleaner, conventional fuelled power stations, renewable green energy, plus extended use of micro generation. We would expand the use of gas de-sulphurisation units in our power stations. The use of fluidized bed combustion and a combined heat and power system would help combat pollution and increase the energy efficiency of coal and refused derived fuel powered stations. Increased use and development of the latter would also reduce our dependency on foreign imports of gas.


Regarding renewable energy, there have been many advances made in recent years, especially in the field of solar power (which we would like to see on all new homes). We expect these improvements to continue. Therefore long term, through research and development into renewables, these would become far more efficient and reliable. The motor industry has made terrific advancements in terms of performance and economy over the past twenty years, and it is expected the renewable energy industry to emulate this. Eventually these advancements will allow us to phase out conventional and nuclear powered stations.

In addition to these forms of energy generation, we have to look at the consumption of energy and the amount that is wasted. The National Liberal Party is committed to energy conservation, and would look at sensible, practical measures and incentives to encourage this.

If you want to help support these green yet practical ideas why not join us by clicking onto

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