Wednesday, 29 May 2024

The EU: Undemocratic Tool Of The Bankers & Multinational Corporations


FORMER LABOUR MP Tony Benn died in 2014 aged 89.  Whilst the National Liberal Party didn’t agree with everything he said or did, we view him as a ‘point of reference.’  By this we mean that he said some interesting things and provided many useful observations.

The above video is a case in point (click on the pic to take you to the video).  Here, Tony Benn (shortly before his death) emotionally explains how the EU is undemocratic – whereby all the key positions are appointed – and has effectively become a tool of the ‘bankers and multinational corporations.’ He also notes that the EU is ‘building an Empire.’

We agree with his analysis.  For the NLP, the acid test for any form of international co-operation has to be an adherence to the principles of self-determination and democracy. And this adherence to self-determination and democracy comes way before any form of economic consideration.

Therefore, any nation and its people must be allowed to govern – without any outside interference – in accordance with their own traditions, customs and way of life.  In addition, officials (and in particular, politicians) must be both elected and directly accountable to the electorate.

With this in mind we find that the EU is sadly lacking.  We feel that the EU sees itself as a Superstate – or an ‘Empire’ as Tony Benn calls it.  This is completely incompatible with self-determination and democracy – both in theory and practice.  As Tony Benn notes towards the end of the video ‘they want us to be part of that Empire and I don’t want that.’

For the record, the National Liberal Party has no problem with other any European nation or people.  Indeed, we are very proud to be Europeans.  However, Europe and the EU are completely different entities – and we have real problems with the EU.

That’s why, on 23rd June we’re asking for all Britons and nations within the UK to vote to Leave the EU!

• MANY PEOPLE believe that the forthcoming EU Referendum effectively boils down to the elites (consisting of big business, the banks, multinational corporations and their tame politicians) verses the people.  With this in mind, we’d urge all those who oppose the EU to support these three Facebook sites which champion the rights and interests of ordinary working families:

British Workers Against The EU

EU Referendum – In Or Out?

Global Markets Free Nations

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