Friday, 19 April 2024

The economy – the ‘other side’

National Liberals believe we need to encourage workplace ownership and support the growth of the ‘third economic’ sector i.e. the self-employed wherever possible. Where not, we favour smaller rather than larger businesses and where practical co-operatives. It is inevitable however that many workers will still work for ‘someone else’ and whilst society benefits from the fruits of everyone’s labour there is ‘another’ more personal side to economic endeavour, namely, industrial relations e.g. the working relationship between employees and owners/management.

A satisfied workforce will always work harder and more efficiently but with the best will in the world there will always be some managers and/or owners who will mistreat their employees. Employment law was brought in to protect such employees from the unfair treatment. In the event, for example, of dismissal, an employee has the right to seek remedy via an Employment Tribunal. Presently, that employee must have worked at least one year for the company.

Big Business reward?

The Coalition however, in its proposed ‘Employers Charter’, intends to increase that to two years saying that it will make it easier for businesses to take staff on because it will allay employers’ fears of vexatious tribunal cases? Yet the Government admits that this move will only reduce tribunal cases (including many justified ones) by 2,000. It is hard to believe that businesses don’t take on staff because they can’t sack them after a year? In reality it will simply be a ‘Bad Bosses Charter’ as it will allow them to dismiss hundreds of thousands more employees with impunity. The motive no doubt designed to reward big business for their political support rather than reducing unemployment.

E-mail now!

Whilst we might expect such a move from the Conservatives we didn’t expect it from their Liberal partners. We urge everyone including all Liberals (national or social) to urgently write to the Business Secretary and Liberal Democrat Vince Cable MP. E-mail the following:

Dear Mr Cable,

We are concerned to hear that the Government is considering introducing an Employers Charter which includes proposals for increasing the period at which an employee is legally protected from an unreasonable employer from one to two years.

This is a fundamental attack on employee rights. We are particularly dismayed to learn that this has the backing of the Liberal Democrats. We urge the Coalition, especially the Liberal Democrats, to think again and to withdraw this specific proposal and retain the one year protection from unfair dismissal which applies in most cases.

Further we call on the ConDem coalition to abandon plans to introduce a payment into court before an action against an employer can be brought.

Also sign the petition to Nick Clegg at now!

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