Thursday, 20 June 2024

This month we ran a recruitment campaign asking supporters to join the National Liberal party. The National Liberals regard themselves as both patriots and (political) liberals.
In the UK there are many so-called ‘nationalist’ parties, whether ethnic or civic, but none concern themselves with individual freedoms, assuming that the only threat is from ‘outsiders’ e.g. EU/Immigration etc. Indeed some of them would probably be a threat to our individual liberties if given the opportunity! We however, are cultural (non-racist) patriots who supremely value individual liberty.
Nor do these ‘nationalists’ bother with ecological concerns such as preserving our green spaces. We however, are green patriots. We present a very different face.
In the UK there are two Liberal parties; the (social) Liberals and the National Liberals and one liberal/social democratic party; the Liberal Democrats.
Contemporary Liberalism has become embarrassed by patriotism and the politics of identity, which has meant such parties sit on their hands or worse when faced with EU demands or mushrooming immigration. We believe (and historical Liberals once agreed) that our national Independence and ‘values’ are worth preserving. We present a very different face.
Thus our challenge is to appeal to those who are concerned with the above issues and we believe they are many. The (social) Liberal Party has only 200 members but is an accepted piece of the political jigsaw. Surely we can emulate at least them?
Why not join us in creating a patriotic liberalism that appeals to the vast majority?
You can join by PayPal at the website or by posting a cheque to
PO Box 4217, Hornchurch, Essex RM12 4PJ. Please do!
National Liberal Steering Committee
PO Box 4217, Hornchurch, Essex RM12 4PJ
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