Saturday, 20 July 2024

The Algerian Massacre – and a British Engineer called “Smiler”

Our resident poet’s sad reflection upon what motivates those who massacre in cold blood….

Dear Friends

My latest offering is a poem as a response to the massacre in Algeria. All our religions preach (as I understand) love, morality and spirituality. Yet it is beyond my small mind to gate-crash into a gas plant and massacre 62 people in the name of God.

One of the saddest part of this episode was that there was a British engineer nick named “Smiler” (like me, Kiru, Aru perhaps) full of life; and as he was called to the fore to be shot, he walked with the usual smile, apparently saying to his Algerian work-mate a final good bye.

It is this man’s smile which was in the back of my mind as I wrote the poem. His smile I compare to the humanity’s spirit of endurance amid extreme provocation. That is why I conclude the response to this massacre too must be by law, justice and truth and not to the standards of the crazed few.


The Gun Blazing God’s Servants

(Amenas Gas Plant, Algeria Massacre – 16 Jan 2013)

Oh what a burden humanity to suffer
When a few claiming to be God’s servants
Unleash death on to the innocent,
While invoking God to witness their terror –
Oh what a burden for humanity to endure.
Faiths, we’re preached, for spiritual well being!
Wonder one, then why, the breath of many
For the merriment of a few, sent to infamy?
Is this the call of Gods or craze of disturbed beings?
Sad though these times are to the moral soul,
When evil descends to the depths of hell,
Hope there too for humanity to unravel
A spirited move to prevail over this terror spell
When gun blazing mob trample into humanity,
And stamp to the ground its morality and dignity;
For it to long for an end to this untenable insanity
Has a moral force, to the detriment of men of depravity.
Between reason and hate, the grey line
Seem so thin, hence hate outside the knowledge
Of ordinary minds! As the slaying clan blind
To the reason, let the response represent image
Of justice and reason, not be same as a crazed few.

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