Tuesday, 5 December 2023

Ten Of The Best!
EARLIER this month we noted that the National Liberal Party (NLP) is opposed to ‘gesture politics’ and that we have absolutely no interest in the “futile position adopted by groups on both the ‘left’ and ‘right.’” This consists of “screaming, shouting and macho–posturing. Normally groups who follow this line are more interested in ‘hitting the headlines’ than actually following a strategy of careful thought and action.”

The NLP believes that we can encourage and promote this strategy of careful thought and action by engaging “in rational debate, constructive critiscm and to encourage feedback – good, bad or indifferent.” That’s one of the reasons why we’ve reproduced ‘bite size’ pieces of our Manifesto for the forthcoming European-Elections.

However, we’ve been promoting debates for a long time now. Indeed, in March we completed our tenth debate.

If you want to check out the terms of each debate – and the subject matter itself – simply click on any of the links below. Normally each individual debate is held on the National Liberals Facebook page. However, as some of these debates are over a year old, if you now wish to comment on them, simply go to the National Liberals Facebook page and post them in the comments section under this article. You can find it here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/52739504313/

• Look out for our next debate which’ll pose the question: Outside of London (where the NLP is standing) who should National Liberals vote for in the Euro-Elections? Keep your eyes peeled for this debate as it’ll be coming soon!

• Check out all of our previous debates by clicking on any of the links below:

National Liberal Debate 1 – Should We Bring Back National Service? – Have Your Say! (13/02/2013) http://nationalliberal.org/have-your-say

National Liberal Debate 2 – American Imperialism … Is President Barack Obama As Bad As George W Bush? – Have Your Say! (11/03/2013)


National Liberal Debate 3 – What Constitutes ‘Hate’? – Have Your Say! (12/04/2013) http://nationalliberal.org/what-constitutes-%e2%80%98hate%e2%80%99-have-your-say

National Liberal Debate 4 – How Do We Replace Capitalism? – Have Your Say! (14/05/2013) http://nationalliberal.org/national-liberal-debate-4-%e2%80%93-how-do-we-replace-capitalism-%e2%80%93-have-your-say

National Liberal Debate 5 – How Do We Solve Unemployment? – Have Your Say! (19/06/2013)


National Liberal Debate 6 – How Do We Ensure A Fair & Decent Education For All? – Have Your Say! (26/07/2013) http://nationalliberal.org/national-liberal-debate-6-how-do-we-ensure-a-fair-decent-education-for-all-%e2%80%93-have-your-say

National Liberal Debate 7 – What Should Britain’s Defence Policy Be? – Have Your Say! (29/08/2013) http://nationalliberal.org/national-liberal-debate-6-%e2%80%93-what-should-britain%e2%80%99s-defence-policy-be-%e2%80%93-have-your-say

National Liberal Debate 8 – How Can We Defeat The ‘Money Power?’ – Have Your Say! (03/11/2013) http://nationalliberal.org/national-liberal-debate-8-%e2%80%93-how-can-we-defeat-the-%e2%80%98money-power-have-your-say

National Liberal Debate 9 – Euro-Elections 2014: Attitudes, Communication, Illustration and Strategy – Have Your Say! (14/01/2014) http://nationalliberal.org/euro-elections-2014-attitudes-communication-illustration-and-strategy-have-your-say

National Liberal Debate 10 – National Liberal Debate 10 – How Do We Treat Women Equally? – Have Your Say! (13/03/2014)


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