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Russia – Commonsense Will Conquer!

Whilst National Liberalism was once an important idea in 19th/20th Europe it is only now being rediscovered as an answer to issues of good governance. All around the globe we are beginning to see ‘green shoots’ of the idea taking root.

One such area is Russia, a country that threw off the shackles of Communism only to embrace a capitalism that primarily serves the rich and powerful. Whilst elections take place, it has fast become another ‘one party’ state. Not all however are prepared to accept the status-quo.

NICHOLAS POPOV is from Togliatti in Russia. Born in 1961, he graduated from the Moscow State Technical University in 1985. He apologises for not being a journalist and having “problems with English” and modestly describes himself as “an author and a simple man”. He is an engineer by trade – his job is to design mechanisms “including logical relationships.”

In his spare time, he advocates a political position that’s neither Left nor Right, neither capitalist nor communist.

Nicholas has called for “the new universal concept of power.” It is based on five participants, this being the minimum number required for self-balance. It is something similar the National Liberal Party’s ideas of an extended coalition in power.

To promote his ideas, he has a site which contains some of his articles.

Of particular interest to National Liberals are his essays When capitalism and communism will become anachronism: Third Way to the future and Democracy: a true revolution is here. The rest is futile palace coups. The new meaning of a 5-pointed star!

In the former essay, we were particularly interested to read his take on capitalism:
“The final goal of capitalism is clear: concentration of capital leads to a caste of ‘chosen by God’ loafers, with unlimited possibilities, who use all others only as work horses.”

Although opposed to capitalism, he doesn’t see communism as any better. Indeed he’s opposed to any “power-hungry” system:

The concentration of power in any single hands is dangerous. Under whatever tempting fetish: communism, the rule of Big Money or the super-nation according to Nazism …”

Instead he advocates true freedom and true democracy. To achieve this, he calls for a “system of checks and balances which must be institutionalized within the power structure, consisting of several independent participants without the ‘divine right’ of an all powerful ‘king of the world’, but rather with a center of joint decisions, which is subject to change at any time.”

Nicholas clearly has Russia in mind in his article and is very much opposed to the current Russian political system. He notes that:

“Today’s Russia is a monopoly of thieves and crooks, who have marauded with impunity on the ruins of the former Soviet Union. Other political parties are just marionettes for the illusion of “democracy.” They do not affect anything and do not develop to the general disbelief of the population. And it will remain so, as long as one party continues to dominate and rig results of elections in his favor.

Visibility of well-being of Russia rests on uncontrolled plundering of natural resources. The proper production receded by 53 places in the world economy. The situation deteriorates further. It is such a shame for this huge country that will end in an economic and a political catastrophe. Its consequences will be reflected in rest of the world.

Rascals will try to ‘lose’ themselves in other countries (for example Berezovsky, Abramovich); while in Russia the alternative political monopoly will come to power. All will be repeated again.

The Concept of the uncontrolled autocratic rule has become obsolete and dangerous!”

To counter this he advocates the “Idea of a Self-Balancing Power” which will put “an end to discord and help consolidate society, and opens a new, evolutionary way of development without social shocks, and political and economic cataclysms.”

We were also interested to read his analysis of how any independent party could gain the sympathy of voters and that is “through honest work done on their behalf without deceptive promises and false pre-election advertising. Only under this condition, can political parties not rule, but actually work for the people.”

We’d recommend anyone interested in general National Liberal ideas to have a look at his site. There’s definitely food for thought there. We hope that others will develop these ideas and perhaps form a National Liberal Party or a section within an existing one. As Nicolas says:

“Common sense will conquer!”

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