Wednesday, 29 May 2024

The National Liberal Party believes in the philosophy of Self-Determination (national, political and economic).
National self-determination is the right of national peoples to determine themselves how they govern themselves e.g. independent, autonomous or integrated within an existing state (we are naturally biased towards independent nation states).
In 2014 we stood in our first (and only) European Parliamentary election on the slogan “Self-Determination for All!” to raise awareness of the conflicts and oppressive States overseas that many Diasporas living in London escaped from.
Our candidates showcased the struggles of Tamils, Sikhs, Kurds, North Borneons, Matabele (in Zimbabwe), South Azerbaijanis (in Iran), and even the English (for an English Parliament). Our answer for all these issues are national referendums.
Come 2020 we intend to repeat that ground breaking campaign by standing a party list, ‘National Liberal Party – Self-determination for all!’, at the Greater London Assembly elections (May).


We are looking to stand up to 25 candidates. We would like to reflect the widespread number self-determinist communities living in the UK. If you would like to represent your nation and support a SD referendum by standing as a candidate there (and everywhere!) please contact us via e-mail at There will be a modest donation required to cover the deposit. You must be living in London.

Unlike the last campaign we would like to use social media far more than before (there will be some targeted leafleting though). We are launching a financial appeal to raise the £2000 to do so (we may also have to contribute towards the £5000 electoral deposit).
We are launching ‘Target 2020’ with an initial donation of £1,200.
You too can donate to the Appeal via . If you are interested in making a significant pledge (or sponsoring any candidate(s) please e mail us at
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