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Review of Isle of Wight Voice (Issue 1)
ISSUE 1 of the Isle of Wight Voice – the voice of the National Liberal Party on the Isle of Wight – was produced way back in April 2012. It interviewed Glen Maney (the National Secretary of the National Liberal Party) who accused the Con-Dem Government of not doing enough to sort out at the various social and economic problems faced by Islanders.

This review of the IoWV has been written by Liam Clarke. As with his other reviews, this is full of passion, sincerity and is highly personal.

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IT SEEMS to me that when we think about the UK economy, we tend to forget about many of the smaller islands that surround us, who are also dictated to by Whitehall policy.

This is a point which issue 1 of the Isle of Wight Voice (IoWV) makes very clear, and Glen is definitely considering all the facts with this passionate statement about the forgotten islands. It should baffle – and worry – any rational person that the super rich individually (and their estates) can avoid taxes, when we have poor families fighting a war against criminal taxes such as the bedroom tax. The super rich will claim that they are simply carrying out ‘legitimate measures’ in order to avoid paying the full tax. If only those of us who are working for such companies could have the luxury of access to an offshore bank account in Switzerland or Jersey!

We must, however, acknowledge that the current vertical rate of unemployment in some areas did not just start when the Con-Dem government came to power in May 2010. It all started with those terrible years under ‘Blue Blair.’ With his abolition of the old labour party, he double crossed ordinary working people (something which we are used to the Conservatives doing, so we should not be surprised at such figures under David Cameron.)

However, I cannot see how Labour are going to get us out of this mess, with their weak, fallible and frankly useless leadership. There is at least a glimmer of hope, (albeit very faint since his absorption into a belief in the coalition) with Vince Cable. Probably, Britain’s best economic talent today, as the Business Secretary he has done some good towards creating jobs in the private sector, and with this we have the old adage every cloud and all that. However, his conviction that ‘the private sector is where it’s at’ will only serve to alienate him from the general public. This is because you cannot trust big business owners (and if you haven’t realised that before now, then you really need to get out more!) Nonetheless, he has tried to help the small British owners, but alas, his voice will be drowned out among the green benches because of our relentless pursuit of GDP.

The ambition in the private sector to compete with those economies abroad creates a mindset of forgetfulness for the ordinary working person. You can imagine Generals during conflict throwing men into battle, without a second thought of their lives and who they are dreaming of getting home to, and this is exactly how much of the private sector sees its workforce. From any moral or economic standpoint this is never a good thing. Whilst I find the idea of Socialism about as savy as Jeremy Clarkson being made Chancellor of the Exchequer, we must realise that some companies, particularly those which are services to the people such as the Royal Mail, should not be cast off to the mindless bureaucrats. Instead they should be run ‘by the people for the people.’ This goes for transport and medicine also. It seems so simple to me how we can help small businesses and get people back into work – but this simple view of a 19 year-old will go amiss with the Whitehall lackies, very much like the views and opinions of the small islands.

All in all the Isle of Wight Voice would make terrifying reading for the Con-Dem government, and would sadden the heart of any rational Brit. All I have to say is read!

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