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Review of English Voice
REGULAR READERS will know that the National Liberalism has a lot of libertarian blood running through its veins. National Liberals are passionate supporters of free speech and the concept of civil and religious liberties for all.

Thus, National Liberalism is opposed to totalitarians and dogmatists of both the ‘left’ and the ‘right’ and favours informed and reasoned debate based on arguments, points of view and facts.

As a political movement, the National Liberal Party seeks to build an organisation that encourages free speech and debate. To do this, we also attempt to take into consideration as many views as is possible in open debate. Thus, members and supporters are always encouraged to have their say. Indeed, as one NLP member recently noted:

Members of this political party are allowed their own opinions on matters; the entire point of democracy is not that everyone must agree, but rather that there is a margin in which people may disagree and still move together for the good.”

With this in mind, here’s another passionate, sincere and highly personal article by Liam Clarke, which looks at English Voive – The Voice Of The National Liberal Party In England.

As we noted in our introduction to his last review (of Caledonian Voice – check it out here “Whilst not everyone will agree with everything he says, especially on what constitute a nation or what a Westminster Parliament represents, readers should know that discussion is absolutely free with the NLP.”

You can leave any feedback – good, bad or indifferent – on our National Liberal debate page. Check it out on Facebook:

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AS I’M SURE most of you will know by now I am not one to hide my opinions. And when it comes to views relating to England and the English, I have very clear opinions!

Firstly, I find it somewhat baffling as to why there is such a need now to discuss the idea of separate parliaments across the United Kingdom, in a nation that has prided itself on its Westminster government. With all the talk of Scottish nationalism (and the varying other parliaments in the smaller members of the United Kingdom) it seems that now the English wish to have their own devolved powers from Westminster.

However, let us examine the word ‘United’. We live in a world where all around us nations fall and people fight openly in the streets with their brothers and sisters – indeed, how can we forget the situation in Egypt? And what is our response to this? In a word, Division.

We are so wound up in our belief systems of freedom, individualism and idealism that we do not think rationally or logically. The opinion of English Voice is that Devo-Max is the best solution for England, and as an Englishman I can absolutely see that in this stride for division, England is often on the back foot. The English as a people are indeed in need of a voice, and English Voice is revolutionary. It’s the Ronseal of its kind, “It does exactly what it says on the tin”, namely providing a voice for the English people.

Nonetheless, I do not accept its message. Nor do I accept the message of the Scottish Nationalists. My friends, at a time when the world is divided when people of various nations are divided among themselves it creates nothing but war and chaos, and I need only ask you to look at the news to see that. Division is not the answer.

We must stay United as peoples’ with very different tastes, and opinions, different languages and customs – but all at the end of the day standing shoulder to shoulder singing proud our name, waving high our flag to show that although we a different, we are bonded. Bonded by a love for the world, a love for peace and most importantly and perhaps even that most rare of virtues in the 21st Century love for each other. I talk not of an idealistic, leftist type of love, but a love of pride and of those we have been bound not by blood or politics but by a history, a present and a future.

English Voice provides that, which as National Liberals we all want, a voice for everyone. But here I must finish with a message. Idealism is a dangerous path that leads us towards no return, but rationalism leads us to a path of hope. At this time, the world needs no more division but a ‘United Front’ of peace. And for all our criticism and argument, there is no nation, no lion more powerful in all of history that has roared more loudly in the face of injustice than that of the Welsh, Scottish, Irish and English. The Union flag is more than just a symbol of a forgotten Kingdom, but one that bears every symbol of a different, but bound people.

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