Saturday, 20 July 2024

Poem for Liberty

Below we reproduce a poem from our resident poet Jasan on Liberty and its Glorious History

Liberty – And its Glorious History

Forever burn bright shall the flames of liberal ideals,
For epochs ‘em have remained at the helm of peoples’ polity.
‘em stale not by time, nor ‘em not prevail
Over man’s brute force; such is the power of liberty.

Like a candle amidst thick black caves,
Like gusty breeze through wooden holes,
Like an unadulterated spirit within human souls,
Reached liberty all corners of globe, embraced by the brave.

Cast your eyes on the glory trail of its success.
Busting of slave trade, urging freedom for colonies,
Empowering women to fighting fascists of left or right –
To todate’s desert spring, in’em all, stood liberty tall and bright.

At liberty to be free- the human inheritance of birth,
Which not to be shackled by designs of demagogues,
Such lofty goals immensely echoed in all liberal values.
Much to be proud of these beliefs on this earth.

Through the ages of human endeavour to morrow,
When the challenge of existence to be so grave,
Stand shall liberty tall in its unassailable glory
As the test of times‘ve proven its enduring history.


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