Monday, 20 May 2024

Party leader finds his natural political home….
Many people seem to flit from one small ‘radical’ party to another, trying to make a difference but often leaving in disappointment. There are many reasons, some personal, some political. One obvious one, but mostly overlooked, is temperament. For example, many members in the NLP, whilst agreeing with social liberals on matters of social justice, electoral reform etc feel uneasy on their acceptance of globalism. Others might be sympathetic to the euro-scepticism of UKIP or the fairness of campaigns for an English Parliament, yet baulk at the inherent conservatism that many such people hold. National Liberals like to find the right political balance on issues and don’t temperamentally rush to extremes. Also, being ‘libertarian light’ we strongly believe in the rights of indviduals to choose their lifestyle and levels of without state interference. This stems more from a temprement than policy.
Below we reprint a message from the leader of a small party who, coming across the party, realised it was his natural poltical home. There will be thousands of others who have yet to find us, yet.

My name is John Botting and I live in Kent. I have always had a keen interest in politics but couldn’t actually take part as I was a police officer. In 1997 a political leaflet came through my door at the same time as I left the force, so I joined that party.

That party was UKIP. I was with them for the next 12 years becoming a branch official, including chairman, standing in two General Elections and numerous local elections. I used to go to their national conference and County committee. However, in the mid 2000’s I had become much more of an English Nationalist and I co-founded a campaign group with-in UKIP called the 1997 Group. This happened in 2008. The idea was to get UKIP to support and campaign for an English parliament. However, knowing the UKIP membership was generally stanchly unionist I knew it would be a hard struggle. It was!

Around this time I was also introduced to the English Democrats and joined them in 2009. Sadly, I soon realised I had made a big mistake as many of its activists were very right wing, some quite unsavoury.

So, what could I do? I had never truly felt at home in UKIP, partly due to my lifestyle, which was at odds with the majority of its members. You see I am gay, and in a civil partnership with an Asian man. That made me a target!

So, with a couple of others we decided that the only way was to set up our own party. So we did, and in October 2009 One England was formed, campaigning for English Independence from the Union, and actually had very National Liberal policies at its core (although I wasn’t aware of this at the time). We were keen to build bridges with other non racist nationalist parties, but we failed to do so. One England struggled for the next couple of years to gain any momentum or really any membership. Although passionate about its message, I started to realise that we were stagnating. I made it known to the party NEC my feelings, but others wanted to keep going. However I started to look around at options. This is when I discovered the NLP.

On looking at the NLP’s statement of principles and other things I had seen I knew that the party was aligned to my own views greatly. However I had some concerns about the party’s history. I spoke to a senior party member and on speaking together and listening to what he had to say I just knew that I had found my political home. I particularly liked the fact that the party was very much thinking “outside the box” and looking to work with other middle of the road parties to try and move this country out of the present stale-mate of 3, well really 2, party state. Although we can never find any party that we can agree with on all its policies (and I don’t agree with some of the party’s greener policies), I do agree with most of what the NLP stand for.

So, I have decided to stand down as Party Leader of One England. I wish the party well. I believe that being a micro party in politics is just not worth it. It is an impossible task. That is why for me the only option is to join forces with a more established party and build on stronger, firmer and larger foundations. I know that the majority of our fellow country folk are sick and tired of politicians and the main 3 political parties. I believe there is an opportunity for a middle of the road, plain talking sensible Liberal party to move rapidly up behind UKIP. Many people hold their noises and vote UKIP because it is the only viable protest vote. Certainly at the EU elections it is a guaranteed way of giving the ruling parties a bloody noise. But, people are just not comfortable in going to a general vote with them. Enter the National Liberal Party!!!!

This is how I see the future for the party and that is why I walked away from the one I co-founded. I want to make a difference; I was unable to with One England. I believe that given time I will be able to, and the NLP party will be able to make that difference.

I would urge like minded people to do the same and join us in the fight for our countries. By that I mean my country of England, but also the UK as a whole.

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