Sunday, 21 July 2024

NLP Press Release: Liberal Democrats out of touch



The National Liberals (NLP) – a patriotic Liberal party – have criticised Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg’s proposed amnesty of illegal immigrants in the UK.
The policy came under scrutiny after being discussed in the the final ‘Leaders TV Debate’.  The Liberal Democrat policy would allow any English speaking illegal immigrant who could prove UK residency for 10 years would have the right to earn citizenship after a period of community service. It has been suggested this could ultimately result in 1.2 million new citizens*

The National Liberal (NLP) candidate in Eastleigh, Keith Low said “After the LD’s about-turn on an EU Constitutional referendum this latest policy to reward those who have sneaked into Britain with all the benefits the state bestows on its citizens is another slap in the face of the average Liberal supporter and a sign that they are still out of touch with voters .” **
He added “Most of us have voted Liberal/Lib Dem in the past for policies such as a smaller government, devolution and a protection of civil liberties but did not want or expect to support plans to surrender our national sovereignty or our citizenship to the highest bidder! There has always been two ‘liberals’ in this country – one which is comfortable with protecting our national identity and another which is embarrassed by it! Voters of Eastleigh are the first to be offered a choice of Liberal!”

The NLP are putting up Keith Low as a candidate in the UKs forthcoming General Election with the specific aim of removing the Liberal Democratic MP Chris Huhne. The latter helped prevent the UK having a referendum on the EU Constitution (Lisbon Treaty) despite promising one to voters. Keith Low’s campaign team has produced an election video*** to raise donations and an election address to all households in Eastleigh.
* Tory leader David Cameron claimed the “amnesty” could apply to 600,000 people who would also be able to bring a family member to Britain.
** A You Gov poll of more than 2,000 adults found that 54% were opposed (37% strongly) to the LD plan. Among Lib Dem supporters, 57% were opposed (36% strongly). The survey asked: “It has been suggested that migrants who have been living illegally in the UK for 10 years with a ‘clean record’ since they’ve been here should be granted full citizenship, subject to civic and language tests. Would you support or oppose this proposal?”

*** The short video (see http://www.nationalliberal.orgexplains why the NLP are standing against Chris Huhne. It also highlights the National Liberals of old who would be appalled by the Liberal Democrats policies on Europe. The accompanying music begins with ‘Ode to Joy’ – Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony and the EU’s ‘National’ (sic) anthem. Later this changes to David Garrick’s patriotic ‘Hearts of Oak’.

Contact: David Durant – Election Agent & National Secretary – 0776 1976219
Address: PO Box 4217, Hornchurch, Essex RM12 4PJ
Press Release (NLP06/10press) distributed by Accentuate – PR Company
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