Saturday, 18 May 2024

Never Mind The Spooks – On 22nd May Vote For Your Freedom!

The National Liberal Party is fighting for Self-Determination For All! Our London-Region Euro Candidates are (top) Dr Yussef Anwar, Doris Jones, Bernard Dube, Upkar Singh Rai, (bottom) Jagdeesh Singh, Sockalingam Yogalingam, Araz Yurdseven and Graham Williamson.

UNLESS YOU’VE been living underneath a rock for the last month or so, you’ll probably now be aware that the National Liberal Party is fighting the forthcoming European Elections!

Our idea is to use the European Elections – and the attendant heightened awareness of the electorate – as a platform to promote the concept of Self-Determination For All!

We are standing eight brave candidates in the London Region. However, our call for national freedom and social justice has touched a raw nerve as we’ve recently been attacked by a journalist working for Channel 4.

Relying on a tried and tested smear method known as ‘Guilt by Association,’ he critises one of our candidates for his membership of a political party – some 25 years ago. A document that is around five years out of date is also reproduced as ‘evidence’ to back up his claims!

Sadly, this journalist doesn’t appear to have actually read too much of what we have to say for ourselves. Presumably he doesn’t seem to think that the content of our web-site – or our numerous publications – is relevant. If he had to take notice of the printed words themselves, he wouldn’t have a story! It seems that he’s not actually reading what we say – only what our opponents say about us.

We also understand that this journalist was ‘tipped off’ by a so-called ‘anti-Fascist’ publication called Searchlight. Searchlight’s editor is Gerry Gable, who, we understand, is in poor health. Nevertheless, it appears that he’s made a living out of calling anyone and everyone he disagrees with, a ‘fascist.’ This has led to him being dubbed the ‘Witch-Finder General.’

More worryingly, and according to the parapolitical investigative magazine Notes from the Borderland (NFB), Gable has possible links to ‘Spooks’ in the (British State) Secret Intelligence Service – SIS. Click here for details of NFBs allegations regarding Gable:

If this is true (and unlike others we don’t just believe anything we read!), all non-conformists, free thinkers, libertarians and those interested in free speech must pose the question: who is pulling the strings here?

Whilst readers are pondering this question, we’re happy to report that the National Liberal Party’s European Election campaign has gone into overdrive!

As we noted earlier, our eight brave candidates – pictured above – are standing in the London Region. If you support Self-Determination For All! and you live in London, we’d appreciate it if, on 22nd May, you’d vote National Liberal Party!

Never Mind The Spooks – Vote For Your Freedom!

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