Saturday, 20 July 2024

National Liberal Press Release: Punish Chris Huhne at the polls!
Keith Low in Eastleigh 20.4

Keith Low (right) campaigning in Eastleigh today with the NLP National Secretary (David Durant)


Nominations closed today (20th April) in the Parliamentary seat of Eastleigh, Hampshire (and elsewhere). Apart from the usual suspects the National Liberal Party (NLP) is standing a candidate (Keith Low) with the express aim of unseating Chris Huhne!

Keith Low launched his campaign in Eastleigh Town Centre at the same time by greeting shoppers while supporters delivered thousands of leaflets in nearby streets explaining why the NLP were standing and in particular the betrayal of Liberal voters over Europe by Chris Huhne.

Keith Low said “Liberals, in contrast to Labour and Conservatives, like to portray their principles as honest. Chris Huhne amongst other Liberal Democrats (LD) betrayed that honesty by reneging on his party’s promise to support a referendum on the EU Constitution (Lisbon Treaty). We aim to punish Chris Huhne by helping unseat him as an MP.

He added “Unfortunately the LDs no longer value British Independence. It wasn’t always that way of course and there are many Liberals of old who would turn in their graves to see their party behave in this way. This campaign is just the first of many by the National Liberals to ‘reclaim Liberalism’ and bring it back to its patriotic roots!”

The NLP will be delivering an election address to every household in Eastleigh asking voters to turn their back on Chris Huhne by, at best, voting for Keith Low in protest or, at worst, by staying at home. Copies will be sent out to interested parties soon.



Notes for Editors

Keith Low lives in Essex and is a retired postal worker (61). He says he is upset with the Government actions that force postal workers to do extra deliveries for no extra pay, labelling it ‘modernisation’.

He is presently a carer but is also a volunteer charity worker for Dr Bernardo’s and campaigns on human rights issues, lately on behalf of Tamils in Sri Lanka. He is also a writer of music and an amateur musician but would like to turn professional.

Available campaign materials

1. ‘Target Huhne’ Video see

Contact: David Durant – Election Agent (and National Secretary) – 0776 1976219

Address: PO Box 4217, Hornchurch, Essex RM12 4PJ &
Press Release (NLP05/10press) distributed by Accentuate – PR Company
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