Wednesday, 29 May 2024

National Liberal PR: Scottish voters warming to DEVO-MAX option!
The National Liberal Party launched a campaign last month to get a third option (Devo-Max*) onto the Scottish Constitutional Referendum ballot paper.
Thousands of leaflets have been distributed throughout parts of Scotland. One area that has been heavily canvassed is Renfrewshire & Ayrshire, especially in Linwood, Johnston, Irvine and Ayr and the results have been stunningly positive!
Renfrew based NL Campaign Manager and Liberal Democrat defector, Glen Maney, reported “We were pleasantly surprised to find that many residents stated on the doorstop that the option of Devo-Max should be on the ballot in the interests of democracy or because they wanted to vote for it!”
He added “This confirms what most opinion polls show, that a majority of voters presently oppose independence but would still like the Scottish Government to have more powers, especially financial. Devo-Max would be a popular option and the people must therefore be given the chance to vote either for independence, the union or Devo-Max.”
MAY 11th consultation deadline
An official submission for the Scottish Government is being prepared and will be presented before the 11th May consultation deadline. Copies for the press will be available upon request.
The National Liberal Party is hoping to reclaim the support its’ predecessor, the Liberal National Party, once had. The party, a breakaway from the Liberals from the 1930’s over tariffs, had a number of MPs in the UK but was particularly strong in Scotland. Obtaining a national average of 5% (but much higher where it stood) for the 20 years it was in existence, it had MPs across Scotland from Edinburgh to Inverness to the Western Isles. They see themselves as a patriotic alternative to the Liberal Democrats.
The National Liberal Party will be producing more educational and outreach material concerning the Scottish Constitutional Referendum in due course. If members of the press would like to interview the Campaign Manager Glen Maney please contact him on 07545821414.
Attachments: Photo’s of one of the canvassers
* The party explains why it supports Devo-Max as a constitutional choice at and why it envisages Devo-Max for all nations of the UK at

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