Monday, 20 May 2024

National Liberal Debate 21 – Running Scared Of Religious ‘Child Abusers’
THE NATIONAL LIBERAL PARTY understands that indegenuos Britons do not practice Female Genital Mutilation – FGM. Therefore, we have to presume that FGM is a ‘by-product’ of immigration from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. As the NLP is supported by many different migrant communities in the UK (mainly due to our support for Self-Determination for their various nations) we feel that it’s appropriate that the question of FGM should be debated here.

To kick off our debate, we’ve reproduced an article by NHS psychiatrist Dr Max Pemberton – – which originally appeared in the Daily Mail towards the end of last year. It raises many interesting points concerning FGM – not least his belief that UK authorities are too scared to seriously address this issue because they ‘are too scared to offend cultural sensitivities.’

Dr Pemberton’s view – shared by many Britons – also raises a more fundamental question: how tolerant should a host nation and its people be of the religious customs and practices of incomers? The NLP believes that nobody seriously objects to immigrants praticising their religion in terms of praying, observing sacred days and taking part in religious festivals and so on. However many Britons draw the line at practices like the ritual slaughter of animals and FGM.

It goes without saying that there are no official links between Dr Pemberton, the Daily Mail or the NLP. We’ve simply his to stimulate debate, which will be held on the National Liberals Facebook page:

Running Scared Of Religious ‘Child Abusers’

Dr Max Pemberton (right) believes that Female Genital Mutilation – FGM – is tolerated in Britain because the authories are ‘are too scared to offend cultural sensitivities.’ What’s your view?

EMALE genital mutilation (FGM) is barbaric.  Over recent years, many celebrities, such as the actress Angelina Jolie, have put pressure on the authorities to ‘do something’ about the horrific practice – and quite right, too.

This led to a government inquiry two years ago to investigate why there has never been a single prosecution under the anti-FGM legislation in the UK.
But the ineluctable fact is that that the authorities are too scared to offend cultural sensitivities to look to the communities where this awful practice is a custom and, therefore, routinely carried out.
Thus, instead of prosecuting those who make young girls and women undergo such operations, the authorities cowardly target the medical profession.
Last year, there was a farcical legal case against a doctor who was accused of stitching a mother who had just given birth, effectively re-doing the FGM she had suffered as a six-year-old in Somalia.
The jury took less than 30 minutes to find him not guilty.
It was a depressing example of legislation becoming politicized, with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), in my view, conducting what was little more than a show trial on the flimsiest of evidence.
It helped no one and caused untold misery to a dedicated doctor, who was suspended from the medical register for simply being accused.
Now, the CPS is considering prosecuting doctors who undertake cosmetic vaginal surgery.
While I do not like this type of surgery, if adult women wish to have the shape of their genitals altered (doing so for personal reasons), that is entirely their choice.
The idea of criminal prosecutions over adult cosmetic surgery is particularly absurd when baby boys can legally undergo religious circumcision – a painful operation that can have life-long consequences – with-out anaesthetic, carried out by someone who isn’t medically qualified.
In any other circumstances, this would be denounced as child abuse.  Why is it any different because it serves a parent’s religious beliefs and it’s done on a boy?
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