Saturday, 13 July 2024

Magna Carta Comment – St. George’s Committee

As part of the National Liberal ‘Liberty Week’ we have opened up our site to member groups on the Liberty Wall to what the Magna Carta (signed 797 years ago) means to them. The first such group to comment is the St George’s Committee.

June 15th is Magna Carta Day, a day many English Patriots should both look to mark and find out more about. For many, the Magna Carta is simply a deal struck between King John and some barons, but few understand the significance it has today.

On the internet there is a mine of information about the Magna Carta and we urge you to take a look and find out more, but for English patriots the Magna Carta signifies above all, that no-one is above the law, be you king or worker, the law is the law and applies to all.

For King John it was envisaged as nothing more than a pause, where he could strengthen his power and take on the rebels he was fighting. For the rebels/barons it was a beginning of a campaign to limiting the Kings power and a way to return England back to accepting the primacy of English common law. That law had been followed in England by all before the invasion of the Normans and near eradication of all English heritage and culture.

The charter itself covers several areas; the right of the church to be free, finance, taxes and also the common law, i.e. trial by jury.

One of the major accomplishments of the Magna Carta, or Great Charter in English, is that for the first time ever it brought royalty under the same law as everyone else.

Signed on June 15th 1215, at Runnymede in Egham, Surrey, we urge all patriots to find out more about the Charter, mark the day itself and if you can, let others know. One idea for marking this day is to plant a tree, representing freedom. Planting an English oak is a fitting gesture!

It is only by talking and sharing our great history that our heritage and culture will survive.

Mark Walsh
St. George’s Committee
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