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Liberal Future – Days In Europa (2) – Parliament Buildings (Stormont), Belfast, Ulster

AS WE NOTED in our first Days In Europa article ––-days-in-europa-1-–-st-basil’s-cathedral-moscow-russia – whilst Liberal Future ‘is opposed to the EU, we’re not anti-European.  Indeed, how could we be anti-European when the UK (indeed, the whole of the British Isles) constitutes part of Europe?  We’re proud to be both Britons & Europeans.’  

We have absolutely no problem with the nations of Europe co-operating.  Indeed we have no problem with the nations of the world co-operating.  However, this must be done on the basis of sovereign – and truly free – nations co-operating with each other.

To us, the EU can only rule via an extremely centralised body.  It’s effectively operates on a ‘power grab’ basis.  In reality, EU political power rests with France & Germany.  We believe that ‘Small is Beautiful.’  Therefore we’re opposed to the whole philosophy of the EU.  It also goes without saying that we disagree with the institution & its system of working.

The EU is all about control, money & power.  We view Europe in terms of freedom, nations & people.

We’re deeply interested in the history & beauty of Europe.  With this in mind, in January we examined the Cathedral of Vasily (Basil) the Blessed, more commonly known as St. Basil’s Cathedral, in Moscow, Russia.  This time we’re going to take a look at Parliament Buildings (Stormont), which are situated in Belfast, Ulster.    

As can be seen from our photograph, the Parliament Buildings were built in a Greek classical style.  The foundation stone was laid in May 1928 & was opened in November 1932.  It has been used, on and off, as the seat of political power (such as it is in Northern Ireland) ever since.  

Much of the interior of Stormont is ornate & absolutely stunning.   Large chandeliers, paintings, a grand staircase & beautifully decorated walls and ceilings complete the picture.  

The grounds are also beautiful.  They’re dominated by both the Prince of Wales Avenue, commonly known as ‘The Mile’ (which leads up to the Parliament Buildings) and a large statue of the famous barrister & Unionist leader, Edward Carson.  

• ALSO CHECK OUT Liberal Future – Days In Europa (1) – St. Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow, Russia–-days-in-europa-1-–-st-basil’s-cathedral-moscow-russia  

• FOR MORE information about Liberal Future – the youth wing of the National Liberal Party – check out:  

• LIBERAL FUTURE would like your views on both this article & our ideas for a future Europe.  Simply post your comments when you see this article posted on our Facebook page and/or the National Liberals Facebook page  

• READERS MAY be interested in the logos which feature at the bottom of this second Days In Europa poster produced by Liberal Future – the youth wing of the National Liberal Party.   

The circular black & orange logo (on the left) symbolises the fusion of progressive nationalism and liberalism.  Here we give equal weight to ‘national questions’ (concerning all of the nations & peoples of the British Isles and in principle, beyond) as we do to ‘liberal’ questions (concerning the individual and freedom).  

The square orange logo (centre) is the official symbol of Liberal Future.  We’ve used it since 2014 when the idea of creating a youth movement for the National Liberal Party was first mooted:–-a-manifesto-for-our-youth  

The red, gold & blue logo is known as the Second Ulster National flag (sometimes called the Ulster Independence flag).  Liberal Future uses this – as well as the Cross of St. Patrick – as we believe in uniting both Protestants & Catholics (as well as those of other religions, or indeed, no religion).  We acknowledge that Stormont has been the scene of many bitter disputes between Unionists and Republicans.  However, LF works towards a united & peaceful Ulster.  

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