Monday, 15 April 2024

From the Liberty Wall – St. George’s Committee – Working towards the ‘Big One!’

THE National Liberal Party believes that it is right that all people celebrate their heritage, history and culture. This is particularly so for the English, who are not even recognised as being a separate community. And this is also why we support independent cultural associations like the St. George’s Committee.

The St. George’s Committee is a national network of patriots, some in informal community groups, who are now working together to promote English values and customs.

Welcoming of all, the SGC wants to promote English heritage, culture and Identity, through the development of local cultural committees who organise local activities and events.

Operating as an independent cultural association, the SGC is non-political and just like any other community, we seek to celebrate our unique way of life, customs and traditions.”

This report from the St. George’s Committee is just in.

Welcoming of all, we want to promote our great heritage, culture and Identity, develop local community groups and activities.

Operating as an independent cultural group, we are none political.

For more information please visit our main website –

AS ALL ENGLISH FOLKS should know, St. George’s Day (known as the ‘Big One!’) falls on 23rd April every year. Although the big day is still a few months away, the legend of St. George lives on in the hearts of all true Englishmen and women all year round.

And the work relating to St. George’s Day goes on all year round as well. This is especially true for the organisers of the West Bromwich Stone Cross Parade, which is the largest St. George’s Day parade in the world.

According to their web-site (which can be seen here the parade was started in 1999 when:

“Mark Cowles and a group of local residents of the Stone Cross area of West Bromwich wanted to display their appreciation and love for England, their country. They wanted to celebrate their heritage and acknowledge St George’s Day. They wanted to pay homage to our heroes and our glorious past. They had no political leanings or motives. This group called themselves the Stone Cross St George.”

Their dedication and hard work have paid off. The first St. George’s Day Parade attracted about 150 people – it now regularly features around 25,000 people. (Indeed, next year’s Stone Cross St. George’s Day Parade is already being planned and is scheduled to take place on Sunday 21 April 2013 from 10am – 5.30pm.)

However – and, as anyone who has put on an event of this size will know – such organisation requires money, and lots of it! In the case of Stone Cross, £10,000 has to be found.

Stone Cross St George were previously partially funded by Sandwell Council, however this funding has disgracefully been withdrawn. Therefore, the Committee relies on donations and sponsorship to raise money to promote St. George’s Day. To this end, we would ask any supporters of the St. Georges Committee to support them in any way possible.

Remember, St. George is for life – not just one day!

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