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From The Liberty Wall – Nations without States – What Must Be Done (9)

Are you dedicated enough to produce artwork like this on a weekly basis? If so e-mail

WELCOME to issue 9 of What Must Be Done, the publically-available organising bulletin of Nations without States. NwS supporters are asked to read – and more importantly – act upon the instructions detailed below:

• ARTWORK. We want to to issue dedicated NwS e-posters on a regular basis.  Therefore, we’re looking for volunteers who can produce artwork – such as that pictured here – using the likes of photoshop.  This will represent a considerable step up in terms of production so we’re looking for those who can turn out at least one item a week – sometimes at very short notice.  Do you think that you fil the bill?  If so, e-mail

• ELECTIONS. We are following our twin stategy – dubbed ‘Tradition and Revolution’ – of promoting Self-Determination both in the corridors of power and on the streets. By ‘Tradition,’ NwS holds meetings with elements of the establishment – MPs, MEPs and so on to promote our position.  And by ‘Revolution,’ NwS intends to build various forms of ‘counter-power’ in an effort to advance self-determination for all nations and peoples.

As part of our strategy, NwS wishes to support more and more candidates who fight elections on a position of Self-Determination. However, before doing this we need to conduct relentless and intensive door-to-door leafletting sessions in various target wards.  Here we will be ‘preparing the ground’ by making electors aware of – and receptive to – the idea of Self-Determination.

During the recent British General Election, dozens of youths were on the streets supporting Self-Determinist candidates.  NwS particularly wants to harness the energy of youth – therefore, we’re initially looking for expressions of interest from those who would be willing to help us raise funds, write, produce and distribute material in support of Self-Determination.

If you’re interested simply e-mail and let us know in which capacity you can help out.

FACEBOOK. All those who support Self-Determination are urged to check out the Nations without States Facebook page here:

Our Facebook page is particularly important for those who are arranging meetings, pickets, demonstrations and leafletting.  Let us know if you’re holding such activities so that we can help support it in terms of both publicity and a physical presence.

• PUBLICATIONS. Issue 3 of Liberty & Nation is now available.  Whilst not a NwS publication we feel it’s vital that all Self-Determionists read it.  Its front page calls for “National Freedom and Social Justice!” and highlights ideals such as Liberalism – Liberty, Democracy, Independence and Ecology.  It could be argued that these are essential elements for any free nation.

The Organising Committee of NwS would encourage everyone to get hold of issue 3 of L&N and debate its ideas with fellow Self-Determinists.  You can get 25 copies for only £3 (including post and packing) by following this link and clicking on the Donate button. Then e-mail and say that your donation is for 25 copies of issue 3 of Liberty & Nation – the National Freedom & Social Justice issue.

Self-Determinists can also get hold of this publication by sending a cheque (made payable to the NLP) to NLP, c/o PO Box 4217, Hornchurch RM12 4PY.  Don’t forget to say that your donation is for 25 copies of issue 3 of Liberty & Nation – the National Freedom & Social Justice issue.

We can also announce that we’re starting work on issue 5 of Freedom – the ‘Street Paper of Nations without States.’ Look out for further announcements in due course.

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