Wednesday, 29 May 2024

From The Liberty Wall – Nations without States – Calling All Åland Islanders Living In London …

OUR LAST article explained how our friends & comrades at the National Liberal Party had hoped to bring the ideal of Self-Determination to the attention of millions of voters in London (1). They were going to do this by standing up to 25 candidates in the Greater London Authority (GLA) election, which was to be held on 7th May.  Sadly, Covid-19 put paid to that.  However, all is not lost as the election has been re-scheduled for Thursday 6th May next year.

To some extent, this delay has worked in the favour of all those who’re promoting the cause of the world’s captive nations.  It means that more & more Self-Determinists can become involved in the campaign to have Self-Determination For All! placed on the ballot ticket.  Hundreds – if not thousands – of volunteers are needed to raise money & spread the word, especially via various Social Media platforms.  Organising for & standing in the GLA election is no mean feat.  A simple glance at the official London Elects web-site – – will easily confirm this.

As we indicated earlier, the whole raison d’étre for the National Liberal Party standing in the forthcoming GLA election is to draw attention to the fact that countless people around the world are demanding Self-Determination – whether it be some form of recognition, autonomy or independence.

With the above in mind, we’ll now take a look at the autonomous Finnish province of the  Åland Islands. Located in the Baltic Sea – at the southern end of the Gulf of Bothnia between mainland Finland and Sweden – Åland consists of around 6,500 islands – although only around 60 are inhabited – and a population of 25,000.  The largest island is Fasta Åland where 90% of the population lives.

Despite its relative remoteness and small population, the Åland Islands have been ruled – since the early 19th Century – by Finland, Russia & Sweden. Over 90% of Ålanders consider themselves Swedish and in 1917 started to organise for their own self-determination.  Three years later Finland granted them wide-reaching cultural & political autonomy.   Additionally, since 1922, Åland has had its own parliament as well as a representative in the Finnish national parliament.  This is ok to a degree – the only problem is that Finland effectively dictates Åland’s foreign policy, civil & criminal law, customs and monetary policy.

With the above in mind, Nations without States (NwS) understand that an increasing number of people are seeking independence for the Åland Islands.  Those who advocate independence say that this should be achieved by an Åland-wide referendum.

NwS would appeal to any Ålanders – currently living in London – to get in touch with the National Liberal Party as soon as possible.  Next year’s GLA election offers an excellent opportunity for Ålanders to promote their cause of self-determination to those living in Greater London area, which has a population of over nine million 9 (2).

We understand that the National Liberal Party is still looking for candidates, as well as help with their Social Media campaign & public activities like canvassing and leafletting.  Help with fund raising is also required.  If you want to promote the cause of the Ålanders – or any other group who desire Self-Determination – then don’t hesitate to email the NLP at

Make history – not excuses: On Thursday 6th May next year vote for Self-Determination For All!

1)  From The Liberty Wall – Nations without States – Calling All Aborigines, Aché, Ainu & Ahwazi People …


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