Monday, 20 May 2024

For Economic Self-Determination

THE WHOLE raison d’être of the National Liberal Party can be summed up in the slogan SELF-DETERMINATION FOR ALL!

This is all well and good, but what exactly is Self-Determination?  To answer this question, the online Encyclopaedia Britannica – seems as good a place to start.  It describes Self-Determination like this:

‘Self-determination, the process by which a group of people, usually possessing a certain degree of national consciousness, form their own state and choose their own government.  As a political principle, the idea of self-determination evolved at first as a by-product of the doctrine of nationalism, to which early expression was given by the French and American revolutions. In World War I the Allies accepted self-determination as a peace aim. In his Fourteen Points the essential terms for peaceU.S. Pres. Woodrow Wilson listed self-determination as an important objective for the postwar world; the result was the fragmentation of the old Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empires and Russia’s former Baltic territories into a number of new states.

After World War II, promotion of self-determination among subject peoples became one of the chief goals of the United Nations.  The UN’s predecessor, the League of Nations, had also recognized the principle, but it was in the UN that the idea received its clearest statement and affirmation.

The UN Charter clarifies two meanings of the term self-determination. First, a state is said to have the right of self-determination in the sense of having the right to choose freely its political, economic, social, and cultural systems. Second, the right to self-determination is defined as the right of a people to constitute itself in a state or otherwise freely determine the form of its association with an existing state. Both meanings have their basis in the charter (Article 1, paragraph 2; and Article 55, paragraph 1). With respect to dependent territories, the charter asserts that administering authorities should undertake to ensure political advancement and the development of self-government (Article 73, paragraphs a and b; and Article 76, paragraph b).’

The National Liberal Party has previously sought to distil the Encyclopaedia Britannica’s authoritative definition of Self-Determination into something much simpler and easier to remember.  Thus, we believe that the principle of Self-Determination can be applied to three areas: National Self-Determination, Political Self-Determination & Economic Self-Determination.

Our poster (above) looks at Economic Self-Determination and indicates that this means avoiding a life of wage slavery.  The NLP has previously noted that Economic Self-Determination:

‘seeks to distribute ownership as widely as possible and as close to the individual as practical by favouring home ownership, self-employment, small businesses, cooperatives and employee shareholdings. (We believe that ownership is the key to economic and social health: where workers obtain a just reward for their labours and gain a feeling of well-being through their having a genuine personal stake in society).’

The following e-poster by Liberty & Nation – the voice of the National Liberal Party) successfully illustrates what Economic Self-Determination is all about and notes that it stands in opposition to the centralising and exploitative nature of both capitalism & socialism.

NLP members and supporters will be aware that we intend to fight next year’s Greater London Assembly elections.  Here we’ll be standing under the banner of Self-Determination For All!

We intend to use the GLA election to raise awareness of the concept of self-determination, gain experience in electioneering – with special emphasis on Social Media tactics – and to forge links and build alliances between various different self-determinists living in London.

Although our campaign will largely concentrate on National Self-Determination, we also hope to use it to promote – and develop – our ideas on Economic & Political Self-Determination as well.

With the above in mind, look out for our forthcoming article and poster entitled Self-Determination is a human right. In the meantime, we’d encourage our readers to check out the following links and do whatever they can to support our campaign.  Self-Determination For All!



Self-Determination For All!


Greater London Assembly Elections 2020 – Help Us Fight For National & Political Self-Determination For All!–-help-us-fight-for-national-political-self-determination-for-all

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GLA Candidate Meeting!

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