Saturday, 15 June 2024

European Elections – Self-Determination For All!

Hands Up To Self-Determination for All!

AS NATIONAL LIBERALS we believe in the right of self-determination – the right for the people to decide who and how they rule themselves.  This can range from fighting to stop Government interference in our civil liberties down to a minimum, pushing for a Swiss-style system of referendum and recall, and supporting the concept of the nation-state.

Many people, for example, bemoan the EU’s interference in the country’s affairs and the UK’s constitutional deficit e.g. no devolution for England.  We agree.  However, our view is global and based on the phrase ‘what is right for me is right for you’.  Thus, there are many nations throughout the world that are oppressed, struggling to maintain their identity, let alone achieving independence.

Whilst many may view those struggles as in lands ‘far away’, in reality they are being fought on our shores too.  There are hundreds of thousands of ‘national’ Diasporas in the UK, who have escaped from oppressive regimes that deny them even the simple right to fly their flag or discuss their identity.  The more activist amongst them are continuing their campaign here but largely in isolation and invisible.  We need to change all that!


Next years European elections will provide us with a unique opportunity to bring these many Independence causes, and our support for Self-Determination and the right for referendums on the EU and the Union, to the attention of a massive audience.  By standing in London we can reach out to 7 million residents via a freepost election address and no doubt media coverage way beyond.

To do so we need around £20,000 (for a deposit and leaflets).  Given that it would normally cost well over £1m to just post out the leaflets, not standing would be a terrible wasted opportunity.

The campaign would involve standing 8 candidates on the party list, each one representing a national community – including the English – seeking self-determination.  They would be making a direct appeal to their respective Diasporas to raise their voice by voting.  Whilst we would be standing to boost the cause, given that we believe there is up to 3/4million ‘national’ Diasporas in London, we cannot rule out garnering a significant vote too and 120,000 votes would elect one MEP and that would open up many doors for everyone!


We need your help in raising this money.  Ideally we need very large donations – the deposit alone is £5000 but every penny will push us towards our target.  If you want to see the cause of Self-determination hit the big time please send us (or pledge a donation of £500+) something now!  This can done via the website by post to NLP, PO Box 4217, Hornchurch RM12 4PX,  or a pledge via e-mail to

Self-Determination For All!

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