Monday, 20 May 2024

Euro-Elections: Can You Help Build Our Campaign?

We need money to promote Self-Determination For All! Can you help?

THE NATIONAL LIBERAL PARTY’S European-Election campaign is in full flow! As we’re such a small – and new – organisation, we’re obviously having to rely heavily on Social Media to promote our views. Such on-line work (especially via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) is absolutely vital. As we’ve already noted:

When Barack Obama became American President in 2008 it was said that he was the first politician to use Social Media to achieve major success in a political campaign.” (1)

Despite this, however, the National Liberal Party believes that face-to-face communication with the electors is absolutely key to winning elections.

One way we can do this is by leafleting and postering. We’ve already printed and distributed thousands of leaflets. And soon the Royal Mail will be delivering around one million Vote National Liberal Party – Self-Determination For All! standardised European-Election leaflets to housholds in London.

But we want to do much, much, more!

We want to reach many more indigenous English so that we can promote our ideal of ‘Home Rule for England!’ We also want to reach more voters from the other ‘Home Nations’ – Cornwall, Éire, Scotland, Ulster and Wales – who’re now resident in London.

We also want to reach out to other European self-determinists, like the Basques, Bretons and Catalonians. Other African and Asian language leaflets are also required.

But all of this takes money! Here’s how you can help build our campaign:

• DONATE! As we’ve already noted above, one million standardised leaflets will be delivered by the Royal Mail this month. And we want to produce – and distribute – thousands more customised leaflets and posters. We also need to buy advertising space in papers, on TV and on social media.

Remember, we’re fighting for Self-Determination For All Nations! We’re fighting fighting for all captive nations. We’re fighting for the rights of the oppressed against the oppressor. We’re fighting for national freedom and social justice. And we want to take our campaign to the heart of the European Parliament. But, as two recent articles (2 and 3) have noted, we’re doing this in the face of possible manipulation of news reports by various state security agencies.

Will you support our eight brave candidates? Will you help promote Self-Determination? Can you help with a donation?

If so pay into: Bank of Scotland – National Liberal Party – 12-11-03 – 06186181 or via or post to NLP, PO Box 4217, Hornchurch, Essex, RM12 4PX, England.

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