Saturday, 18 May 2024

Euro Candidate defects to the NLP and offers a statement to ‘London Welsh’ voters

The European election campaign has been hotting up. One million leaflets are being delivered by the Royal Mail, adverts are going out and activists are knocking on doors. The response is very favourable and, if people actually bother to vote, we could be in for a surprise Sunday evening (when the results are announced). We are also being contacted by other political groups and individuals interested in our message.
We were delighted therefore to be contacted by Laurence Williams, a Welshmen by descent and member of the Plaid Glyndwr party. He is also standing as a candidate in the European elections in the London Region for the Christian Peoples Alliance. Laurence said he was drawn to our campaign, has joined the party, and is now urging all Welshmen & women living in London to for the National Liberal Party – Self-determination for all!

A message from a Euro-candidate to the ‘London Welsh’
I would urge you to very much consider voting for the National Liberal Party in the forthcoming EU Elections in the London Region. Considering the NLP’s ‘Lloyd Georgian’ parentage and their stance on smaller Nations’ Self Determination, it makes an obviously clear choice for Welsh people in the capital to remember the ‘Green, Green grass of Home’ when casting their vote!
Wales and the Welsh people have so much to offer and do not have to remain third or even fourth choice to Westminster behind England, Scotland and Northern Ireland! In the 21st Century, Y Draigoch [ Red Dragon ] is alive and well and still singing in the hillsides!
Diolch yn Fawr / thank you very much
Laurence Williams

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