Saturday, 13 July 2024

Euphemism of the Modern State

As the year draws to an end we are delighted to share a thought provoking poem with you written by a Sri Lankan Tamil exiled in Switzerland entitled Euphemism of the Modern State.

Jason, an accomplished poet, believes the Wikileaks disclosures has been the most important event of the year as it has exposed the sheer hypocrisy of world leaders who wool us all into believing that we are part of the world affairs as electorates; and what seems to be on the surface is what goes on. Sadly that is not the case.

He says “What Wikileaks has disclosed is the sheer capacity of the state to be violent, using instuitions and individuals to distort facts, discreetly unleash violence which bring death to innocent civilians wherever they choose to focus. The democratic state is simply a cover for undemocratic actions in the name of the people.

The most important aspect of it all is how diametrically opposed states with competing political goals can come together to finish off thousands of people or use sheer undemocratic means to keep in power their allies (India and China in Sri Lanka; US and China in Sri Lanka; India and China in Myanmar and so on).

So that is the background to this end of year poem : Euphemism of the Modern State. Hope you all enjoy it”.

Euphemism of the Modern State

Be warned!
To the core, democrats;
Beyond the business of states
Beneath the realm of articulated facts
Beasty tentacles of elites’ interests
Do build a web of euphemist state
Which a common man understand much not.

Bent on war, psychotic demagogues,
Present them as law-abiding democrats.
They rent state and street media to front,
Make-belief lie torrent;
Amid people with variant
Survival issues to confront.

Elected regimes of smart tyrants,
Plot wars for bogy speculative interests.
Glut of weaponry perpetrate murder,
Beyond humanists tolerance border.
Blood of masses turn to river,
While lies painted world over.

State, a source for seeding cataclysm,
Secret, its weapon for wheeling mayhem.
Pretend, it oft to transcend values noble,
Prevent, it shall at any cost the rebel
Who expose state’s desire to be cruel
Towards states; also to its own people.

Sleep in bed with this state machine,
Whole range of entities to cash-in
For power, position, and wealth.
Embedded journalists who see no truth,
Ennobled diplomats who propagate myth,
Empty nationalist rhetoric bring wrath
For empathy-lost masses pushed to death.

To be violent, in-built in all states,
To change it, rest on us all democrats.
Until a dawn of such change do come,
Blood thirst world shall aimlessly roam.

Jay A.Jasan

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