Thursday, 22 February 2024

Daylight Robbery!

AS WE’VE recently noted, the new phase of the National Liberal Party’s ‘Shop Local’ campaign will – in part – attack the current banking system. This is an exciting new development as (and as far as we’re aware) this’ll be the first time a modern political movement has produced a popular educational leaflet which exposes the ‘daylight robbery’ committed by the banks.

This is where they create ‘credit’ out of nothing and then charge interest on this! This means that you pay much, much more back to the bank than you actually get from them. As our Stand And Deliver! Leaflets and posters will note “Years ago Highwaymen robbed you. Today the banks do it instead!”

However, there’s not much room on an A5 leaflet to go into too much detail about the banking system. This is where the following article comes into its own.

Darwin Grey is currently studying Economics, Politics and History. However, during his Economics course he found himself “a little troubled.” He told us:

“We were taught about the two main economic theories; Keynesian and Monetarist.

My teacher summed up the Keynesian school as believing that ‘you can help the economy, essentially, by employing a man to dig a hole and fill it back up again.’ This didn’t sit well with me (if you aren’t going to pay him to do productive work, why not just give him the money?) Of course, I have a strong working class background, and I wasn’t about to just jump straight into bed with Thatcherism (Monetarism.)

From then on, I decided to treat both ideas with scepticism. It dawned on me a few months later, for all their differences, there is one group of people that benefits from either system: the Bankers. They either get one nice juicy government interest payment that comes with large scale spending (Keynesian) or they charge obscene amounts for private loans (Monetarist).

I decided to look for an alternative and it wasn’t long before I found Social Credit.”

Darwin hopes to produce one economic article a month for this web-site. His next one will be Heritage: The Fourth Factor of Production. It will look at the moral justification for a national dividend as well as pointing out more flaws in Classical as well as Marxist economics.

We hope that guest writers such as Darwin provokes debate.

In this article he takes an in-depth look at the Daylight Robbery conducted by the banking system – the system of debt-slavery.

Daylight Robbery!

As I write this, the national debt stands at over £1.2 trillion. That’s bad; that’s really bad.

But is it even repayable?

The simple answer is no. But, more importantly, we shouldn’t have to repay it.

Imagine six men and that they represent the British economy. The first five represent the real economy, what we actually produce, and the sixth represents the banking system.

Each of the first five men is capable of producing £200 worth of stuff, for lack of a more eloquent term. So, their real economy is worth £1000. In a sane world, each man would be issued, interest-free, a dividend of £200. The free-market would then work its magic and each man would buy the things he needs and sell the things he has produced.

Major Clifford Hugh Douglas (20 January 1879 - 29 September 1952) the founder of the Social Credit movement. Does he provide us with any solutions to our economic woes?

We do not, however, live in a sane world. We have been tricked, by the sixth man, into believing that money has some sort of inherent value. The sixth man lends out £200 to each of the five. If this were the end of it, then that might also work. Since each man produces £200 worth of goods, everyone might conceivably end up with £200 at the end of the market cycle and be able to repay the sixth man and wait for the next loan.

However, the sixth man charges an interest fee, of £10, for every £200 he lends out. In this scenario, the one we live with in reality, he has lent out £1000 and expects £1050 in return. Where will the extra £50 come from?

Unfortunately, but to the sixth man’s delight; four of the five men do not care about that question. Through their frugality, these four men have managed to earn an extra £10 from the fifth man. At the end of the market-cycle, the first four have the £210 necessary to pay the sixth man and the fifth man, left with £160, does not.

That man’s assets are stripped, he his kicked out of his home and left to die.

We are taught to accept this utter immorality as the functioning of a normal and healthy society. We are told that the banker has every right to steal our property if we do not pay him what we owe him. We are told that the banker, owning the money he lends out, has every right to charge exorbitant interest-rates that far exceed a reasonable compensation for the little work has done.

Never mind that he does not actually have most of the money has lent out (as most people are happy to deal in cheques and plastic cards) and that he is allowed to create money out of thin-air via a process that has been given the fancy title of fractional-reserve banking.

The banker lends out money he never had and demands it, and more, in return.

How can any Christian man not completely abhor this terrible system? How can any other man, of even the slightest moral conscience, allow these bankers to gobble up the assets of a nation they never contributed to?

It is time to drive the money-changers out of the temple and create a society of free men. We should repudiate all of this fraudulent debt and issue of our own money, interest-free, based on the real wealth of the nation, as a dividend to every citizen.

The current political spectrum ranges from the “Low Taxes, More Cuts” crowd through to the “High Taxes, Less Cuts” crowd. But for the insidious influence of the lenders, we could see lower taxes and no more cuts.

The banking system plays us off against each other, through their quite blatant control of the print-media; there should be no conflict between the great majority of us who are much more agreeable to common sense than to sycophantic adherence to any political doctrine.

The answer to debt-slavery was first set upon by Abraham Lincoln in his issuance of the Greenback dollar and it was, then, rediscovered by C.H. Douglas and the Social Credit movement. The banking system did its best to stifle the efforts of the good men who saw through their lies.

As that generation has died off, the 2008 financial crash has taught us that the bankers have, once again, slipped into complacency. If we strike now, hard and fast, we can slay the beast of the City of London and Wall Street, New York… forever!

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