Friday, 1 December 2023

Cornish Youth Say BreXit Now!

THE NATIONAL LIBERAL PARTY supported the campaign to get out of the European Union on the grounds of self-determination.  However, we feel that many people voted for Brexit simply to stick two fingers up to both the EU and Westminster establishment.
But why did they do this?

For some reason, members of the establishment (the so-called ‘elites’) just can’t help poking their noses into the affairs of ordinary working folks.  There’s probably a mixture of reasons for this: arrogance,  some sense of superiority or just being so far removed from reality.

No matter what the reason they simply cannot understand that the vast majority of ordinary working folks (the electorate) just want to be left alone to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet.  People intensely dislike being dictated to.  Indeed, if there is to be any dictating it should be the voters setting the agenda and telling the political establishment what to do.  After all we elect the politicians, who are in turn supposed to serve the people.

But if we contrast what most people desire – more control over their own lives and as little government interference as possible – with what the European Union has become, is it any wonder that Cornwall voted for Brexit?

As our artwork notes:

We feel that the EU will become increasingly totalitarian.  To survive, its bureaucratic regime and form of central planning will have to move towards a system similar to that employed by the old Soviet Union.  In addition, the EU holds no loyalty to the nations or peoples of Europe itself.  Its only purpose is to serve powerful corporate big business and the banking elites.’

With this in mind it comes as no surprise to Liberal Future that (out of a population of 530,000 people) 56.52 per cent opted to leave the EU whilst 43.48 per cent voted to remain.

That represents a lot of Cornishmen and women sticking two fingers up to both the EU and Westminster establishment.  The question is will the members of the establishment listen, learn their lesson and try to mend their ways – or will they simply try to carry on as before?

• AS WE noted above,  the establishment simply cannot resist telling ordinary working folks how to live their lives.  With this is mind we’d really appreciate your suggestions on why the so-called elites do this.  We feel that it’s a mixture of arrogance, some sense of superiority or simply being so far removed from reality.  What do you think?  Look out for when this article appears on our Facebook page – – and then have your say in the comments section below the article itself.

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