Thursday, 20 June 2024

Constructive Ambiguity

The Art of ‘twisting the truth’

As Western forces become sucked into another ‘Middle Eastern’ conflict, Government figures try desperately to portray their intervention as sanctioned by the UN. Many criticise them for overstepping the Resolution’s boundaries (see

However, as our resident poet Jasan states, in a recent interview, a diplomat or journalist used the phrase “constructive ambiguity” to describe the UN resolution on Libya which allows use of force to evict a dictator? He says “Diplomacy is itself an art of ambiguity. But by using this rather very vague term “CA” to add a further twist to an already twisted subject it will only lead the road to a diplomacy decorated with human corpses”. We reproduce his offering below:


Constructive Ambiguity in Diplomacy

Oh! the ancient art of diplomacy!

When and why did enter your womb,

The concept of constructive ambiguity?

That forces thousands lives to their tomb

By the forces purporting to uphold civil liberty.

Oh! the ancient art of diplomacy!

Portals of live wire media across the world beam,

The righteous forces to fire weapons free of ambiguity,

Which burn reason beyond recognition; and maim

For eternity the beloved concepts of humanity.

Oh! the ancient art of diplomacy!

You are not fair – as you are choosy,

You choose to intervene for masters,

Who seek business not justice for beggars’

Shame you leave behind global arenas so messy.

Oh! The ancient art of diplomacy!

Shelter-less thousands seek sanctuary in jungles

Sympathy-less bandits roam guns held as mantle

Shapeless corpses line the streets to diplomacy

Suited diplomats coin phrases of delinquency

Jasan Jesuthasan

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