Tuesday, 25 June 2024

Boris Johnston & Donald Trump: Heroes, Anti-Heroes Or Harmless Clowns?

Protesters fly inflatable blimps of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnston (left) and US President Donald Trump (right). However. We believe that both Johnston & Trump are mere State actors. Corporate big business and the banking elites hold real power. Are they likely to be worried at the sight of a couple of balloons?

EXACTLY three weeks ago – on Tuesday 23rd July – Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson (aka Boris Johnson) was announced as the new leader of the Conservative & Unionist Party. In a two-horse race, he was by far the popular choice of Tory members. Indeed, Johnson won by a landslide with 92,153 votes (66%) compared to his rival Jeremy Hun who picked up 46,656 votes (34%). The next day he was appointed Prime Minister, following the resignation of Theresa May.

Before, during and after the Tory Party leadership contest and his ascent to PM, the vast majority of media outlets concentrated on examining Johnson’s image and private affairs. Here he’s usually depicted as a cross between a wannabe Winston Churchill and a village idiot. It seems that the media concentrates solely on his Etonian background, mannerisms, plummy accent and personal antics – contrived or otherwise – such as his many extra-marital affairs.

Interestingly, the media obsession with Johnson’s persona is similar to that relating to US President Donald Trump. Here, many people seem to oppose Trump simply because of his bizarre image & looks – his orange skin and odd hairstyle. In both cases, the cult of personality seems to outweigh who is really pulling the strings, In short, very few people try to determine who is the real power behind both thrones.

With this fundamental question in mind, National Liberals wonder if the clownish bluster & buffoonery of Johnson & Trump is all an act? Indeed, are they both simply playing to the gallery? They both act the fool and you are expected to either laugh, scowl or cringe in utter embarrassment.

However, it strikes us that the antics of Johnston & Trump are similar to those employed by a magician. It’s all a form of distraction. For instance, many a magician uses various techniques (like wands & scantily clad women) as a means of distraction. Both Johnston and Trump are master actors and showmen. The heads of, what could probably accurately be described as the Westminster and Washington terror-machines, know exactly what buttons to press to get the media – and the electorate – reacting in a certain way.

We feel that Johnston and Trump are mere figureheads – they’re literally State actors. So who really is pulling the strings? National Liberals believe that powerful corporate big business and the banking elites hold real power. Their underlings – the politicians – seem to be happy enough with the trappings of power.

Thus Johnson and Trump are not a heroes, anti-heroes or harmless clowns. They are simply the latest mouthpiece for two of the most brutal and dangerous regimes the world has ever known. In the US, the Military–Industrial complex (MIC) is there for all to see. In the UK, it adopts a more subtle position in the background.

As a movement, we must not get bogged down in discussing personalities and soundbites or waste our time laughing at ridiculous or embarrassing photographs of Johnston or Trump. Additionally, chanting inane slogans at demos attended by thousands of champagne socialists – which also feature huge inflatable blimps of Johnston and/or Trump – is hardly going to have the elites quaking in their boots.

Instead we must focus on a dual strategy. The first is to build the infrastructure of a powerful alternative mass media of news, views, sport and entertainment. This media can then be used to expose the elites who lie behind politicians like Johnston and Trump. We must also build a counter power to the current capitalist system. Promoting local alternative currencies, economics. community action, home schooling, culture and growing our own food will effectively sweep away the carpet upon which the power of the elite rests.

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