Thursday, 30 May 2024

A Tearful Lesson of Hillsborough

It is hard to know who is most to blame for the Hillsborough tragedy: The Council and Football club for installing fencing and barriers to ‘control’ fans, the Police for covering up their failures afterwards, the politicians and press for blaming innocent supporters or Society for treating all football fans as ‘working class hooligans’? All bear some responsibility and reflect badly on a so-called modern, democratic society. Our resident poet reflects on the latest twist in the tragedy.

A poet is someone who bemoans the frailties of humans
As much as he rejoices in the generosity and will to struggle capacity of human spirit.

Hillsborough was a poignant experience touching these two to
the extremes.

On the one hand, a highly acclaimed democratic system run by humans, fell to its knees,
exposing its frailties.

On the other hand, the family/loved ones of the victims, fought hard for 23 years to bring
justice to the fallen.

So Hillsborough is my latest poem and I hope you all grasp what really has happened at Hillsborough then and now.


A Tearful Lesson of Hillsborough

A sunny day in June, eighty nine,
Hillsborough stadium turned into mayhem:
A game of soccer ended in a mess too refined
To prick the pride of UK’s justice system.

Perished ninety six, injured thousands;
Broken, in pain, hearts ripped off of loved ones.
Statute makers and justice guardians,
Collectively blamed it as fans’ ill-temperaments.

Police criminalised truth and became partisans
To Thatcher’s rightist prejudice lines;
Slurring fans as scum, juveniles and hooligans,
While parents wept for slandered loved ones.

Journalists of establishment slant,
Filled media with stories deviant
To that of truth; and joined in omission
Too were all subsequent commissions.

Proponents of democratic accountability
Were exposed to be lacking honesty.
Flag bearers for model justice system
Too were party to this slur on the system.

PMs, commissioners to commission jurists;
Indeed the whole system has failed the purists’
Dream for a democratic state and structures!
Hillsborough should remain a potent reference
Point for future changes to these fixtures!


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