Saturday, 15 June 2024

NLP Euro-Election Manifesto Out now!

The NLPs European Manifesto – calling for Self-Determination For All! - is now available!

THE NATIONAL LIBERAL PARTY – in association with Nations without States – has issued its Manifesto for the forthcoming elections to the European Parliament. And the five page document calls upon voters in London (where the NLP is standing) to vote for Self-Determination on May 22.

The Manifesto notes that many people have settled in London as it represents a ‘safe haven’ from repressive foreign regimes who have denied their people the right to self-determination:

“ … Within that mix there are many peoples who, or their families, escaped persecution, discrimination or worse, in their homeland, because they dared support a desire to determine their own governance, something we take for granted here in the UK.”

It also notes that:

“Struggles for SELF-DETERMINATION and freedom, liberty and human rights directly affect and define the lives of many settled and substantive communities in London – the Tamils, the Sikhs, the Kurdish, the Kashmiri and many more.”

(The NLP Manifesto estimates that there at least 200,000 Sikhs in London, 100,000 Tamil, 80,000 Kashmiri, 60,000 Kurds, and perhaps some 200,000 others from smaller Diasporas who could well fall within this category.)

The NLP is up front in admitting that many of the world’s problem stem from the old British Empire. Here, many people had been forced to live within artificial borders with very different peoples and sometimes were even divided by these borders.”

With this in mind, the Manifesto goes on to state that “Britain has a moral responsibility to help put right a wrong of their making.”

In a case of Unity Through Diversity, the NLPs candidates represent different racial, ethnic, national and religious groupings. However, they all share a political outlook and have come together to work for the common good. In this case, if elected, they’ll be promoting the cause of self-determination for all nations (including England!) in the EU parliament.

Whilst the bulk of the European Manifesto discusses self-determination, it also features two important pledges:

• Following the lead of Swiss-style referendums, any NLP MEP will endeavour to gauge the views of voters through the use of voting banks via internet petitions and social media. The results will help dictate how they will vote on non-self-determinist

issues in the European Parliament.

• Additionally, a proportion of any NLP MEP’s salary would be redistributed to ‘good causes’.

Future European-election related articles will reproduce sections of the NLP Manifesto – the contents of which can then be debated online. In the meantime, to get hold of your copy simply e-mail and ask for your FREE pdf copy – or download the Manifesto by clicking on the banner towards the top of our home page.

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