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National Liberals believe in consensus politics. Furthermore, we believe those groups that might broadly be described as being in the ‘centre’ of British politics can only begin to influence the future direction of the country in a cooperative alliance. The National Liberal party will play an important role in such an alliance, ideological and committed and representing a ‘muscular liberalism’, both patriotic and progressive.

However, ‘political life’ doesn’t begin and end with political parties and many good ideas and groups exist outside party structures. Indeed it could be said that without a general feeling of sympathy to our ideas a political party’s call for membership or votes will fall on deaf ears, regardless of how much it is said. To paraphrase a slogan: ‘Before the national revolution must come the cultural revolution’. Without general support for our vision of ecology (a green and pleasant land), civil liberties (political liberalism), nationhood (as apart from state), popular sovereignty (via referendums), decentralised rule etc, no amount of propaganda will win through. We will therefore be supporting magazines and pressure groups that broadly support our spiritual aims. By spreading the seeds of our ideas we can blossom when the ‘produce’ ripens.

The first way we shall do this is by launching a ‘Liberty Wall’ on the website hosting those groups/publications that promote ideas we can broadly support. In this way we can help promote those groups whilst showcasing to our viewers some of the concepts that underpin our beliefs.

As groups join the wall we shall give a short explanation of what we think they are trying to achieve.


The St. George’s Committee

The St. George’s Committee is a cultural body promoting an inclusive ‘Englishness’ through a celebration of history and cultural events. Unusually for most groups it does not seek to control local branches but to build a loose network of autonomous groups. Ultimately it is looking to help set up similar national Committees across the UK family of nations. As National Liberals we wholeheartedly support self-determination but see the differences between the nations in the UK as cultural rather than political. We see a celebration of a nation’s culture as positive and a unifying force for all those who live within them. Check them out by clicking on the banner below!


Nations without States

As patriots National Liberals take the view that ‘what is right for me is right for you’ i.e. the concept of nationhood is universal and in an era of globalisation it needs protection and promotion as one solution to our political ills. A proud and recognised nation at ease with itself is far more likely to ensure internal and external peace than any ‘supra-national empire’.

The group aims to showcase the many suppressed nations and those groups that struggle to obtain recognition for their nation’s and/or some level of autonomy or independence i.e. the sacred principle of self-determination. It also hopes to help coordinate the representatives and groups amongst the various Diaspora’s in the West so that each cause will benefit from the experience, strength and contacts of each. Hopefully, each group can push their national cause that little bit further to their goals. Check them out by clicking on the banner below!


English Green

Many people regard the Green Party as a melon, green on the outside and red on the in. They, and many of their compatriots on the Continent, adopt far-left positions on all manner of topics which sometimes make them indistinguishable from many other socialist groups/parties. Ecology however goes, or should, beyond positions of left or right and it is not necessary to be a socialist to protect the environment. Indeed some would suggest that socialism’s obsession (as with capitalism) with growth (differing only in how it is shared) is part of the problem rather than the solution.

English Green is a pressure group that fuses ecology and (national) patriotism, hence its’ name but it could be replicated within any other nation. The brainchild is Tim Bragg and co-author of the booklet ‘A Declaration and Philosophy of Progressive Nationalism’ which calls for the synthesis of (progressive) nationalism and green ideology (it can be purchased via If you believe a nation’s environment is as important as its’ people but want a non-socialist vehicle to put that idea into practice then click on the banner to find out more!

National Liberal trade Unionist

The National Liberal Trade Unionist aims to promote a non-socialist trade unionism i.e. building employee protections rather than class revolution. The group will support the principles of liberty e.g. the protection of all individual employees, and patriotism e.g. the defence of workers from globalisation, and promote a liberal e.g. supporting greater employee share ownership, agenda. If you want to find out more click onto the group’s logo.


Fourth World Review

The Fourth World Review is a long standing magazine (50 years+) dedicated to fighting ‘gigantism’ everywhere! It believes the answer to our ills is to adopt Schumacher’s philosophy of ‘small is beautiful’. Its founding editor John Papworth is an inspiration. Over ninety years old and still promoting a worldview that values the individual amongst the mass, the ‘little man’ against the big machines, and the small business against Corporate greed. A new way of thinking that has been around a long time! We are delighted to welcome the 4WR to our Liberty Wall. If you would like to understanding about the ‘Fourth World’ or simply read a PDF copy of the last issue of the magazine click onto the logo.


Total Democracy

Total Democracy is a cross-party campaigning group. Small parties and pressure groups coming together to co-operate on issues that unites them. Primarily campaign based it is designed for centrist bodies that, we believe, represents the majority viewpoint on the great issues of the day devoid of extremism or professional politicians.

If you would like to get involved click on the logo below.


FREE SPEECH: How Do We Protect It?

FREE SPEECH is a new group which aims to promote, protect and preserve civil and religious liberties for all.

We believe that Britain should have a formal constitution and bill of rights, based on the concept of civil and religious liberties for all. We also feel that a civil rights’ watchdog should be established to protect people’s ability to make use of these fundamental rights.

We believe in absolute free speech – with very few exceptions to this rule e.g. inciting violence. Either we all have rights – or none of us have rights.
If you would like to get involved click on the logo below.

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