Sunday, 14 April 2024

NLP Euro-Election Campaign Creates New Voting Dynamic.
THE NATIONAL LIBERAL PARTY is leading the way in the Euro-Elections by creating a entirely new voting dynamic. As readers will be aware, we are using the Euro-Elections to campaign on the theme of Self-Determination For All!

Our campaign for self-determination is unique, innovative and revolutionary. And as self-determination applies to everyone, the NLPs candidates represent different racial, ethnic, national and religious groupings.

As well as raising a voice for captive nations we also want to challenge the attitude of the establishment parties who’re content to promise voters the earth but who never deliver! We feel that it’s time for the voters of London (both indigenous English and various ethnic minorities) to teach the Tories, Labour and Lib-Dems a lesson. We’re fed up of them treating us simply as ‘voting fodder’ and we’re fed up with them taking us for granted.

In contrast to the establishment parties and politicians (who many Londoners view as wide boys and shyters) the NLP is offering something positive to vote for and work towards: Self-Determination for all!

However, let’s not fool ourselves. In calling for self-determination we’re stepping on the toes of some very powerful individuals and regimes. There are many people with a vested political or economic interest in Super States and Empires. And they will do anything to smear our young movement and eight brave candidates.

The ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ are not going to be too happy either. So we should ready ourselves to be called (and be accused of) everything under the sun – and more. After all, our ‘lords and masters’ are used to having their cake – and eating it! Neither do they like to be lectured on subjects like national freedom and social justice. Their attidude is ‘do as I say, not as I do.’ They’ll hate our calls for self-determination and direct democracy. They’ll also hate our commitment to social justice – evident in our promise that any NLP MEP will donate a portion of their salary to ‘good causes’.

Help the National Liberal Party in its Euro-Election campaign to promote Self-Determination for all! You can do this by:

• Viral out this YouTube video by liking and sharing it on Facebook. Also don’t forget to link to it and RT it as well! Also ask your friends, relatives, neighbours and workmates to do the same.

• Check out this Twitter feed @Self_Determ_Day and RT all Tweets!

• Sign up for our Self-Determination Day Bulletin. We hope to be producing it on a weekly basis. It will provide activists with details on how to promote our campaign via social media. To get hold of issue 1 of the Self-Determination Day Bulletin simply e-mail:
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