Saturday, 18 May 2024

From The Liberty Wall – Nations without States Debate (3) – Moral Right?

The National Liberal Party’s Euro-election manifesto. To get hold of your FREE pdf copy, simply e-mail

AS ALL SELF-DETERMINISTS will know by now, the National Liberal Party – in association with Nations without States – is standing in London for the Euro-elections at the end of May.  The NLP is fighting the election under the banner of Self-Determination For All!

As part of the election campaign, the NLP has issued a manifesto which, in part, notes that many national problems exist today as a result of the British Empire:

“For many of these peoples the problems first erupted after Britain (and others) began to dismantle her Empire. Unfortunately, they did not ask the inhabitants of the territories they were leaving what they wanted. This was vital because many had been forced to live within artificial borders with very different peoples and sometimes were even divided by these borders.”

The manifesto then contends that Britain has a moral responsibility” to effectively sort out the problems that it created.

Some people may dispute this view.  They would argue that the current generation (of British people) have nothing whatsoever to do with Britain’s imperial past and thus bear no responsibility for it.  They would also say that we should only sort Britain’s problems out, that we shouldn’t get involved anywhere abroad and that foreign aid should be scrapped completely.

We share and sympathise with part of this view.  We feel that the overwhelming majority of ordinary working families would have profited very little – if at all – from (economically driven) British imperialism.  As always, the super-rich British elite would have prospered, whilst ordinary working folks scrabbled around for any crumbs left on the table.

However, as self-determinists, we believe that the saying ‘what is right for me is right for you’ is more than just a slogan.  It means that we cannot, in all consciousness, stand by and do nothing whilst different peoples are being discriminated against, persectuted, raped, tortured or killed.

With all this in mind, our question is simple – do we have the moral right to get involved in the internal affairs of other countries?

The debate will be held on the Nations without States facebook page:

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