Wednesday, 29 May 2024

Think Globally – Act Locally!
WHEN it comes to politics, the exact origin of the phrase “Think globally – act locally” has been disputed. However, what is not in dispute is the validity of the slogan.

But with the recent production and distribution of one new leaflet – and the continued distribution of an existing leaflet – the National Liberal Party has took this famous slogan to a new level!

When it comes to thinking globally, our new leaflet deals with self-determination and has been jointly produced by the National Liberal Party and Nations without States. It states the importance of self-determination:

“Self-Determination is a universal human right! It’s the right to determine one’s own destiny. This includes the right of nations and peoples to choose their own political status as well as their own form of economic, cultural and social development. This choice should always be put to a referendum.”

The leaflet also notes that as well as supporting national self-Determination, the NLP supports political self-Determination. Thus we ““support civil and religious liberties for all and would like to introduce see Swiss-style referendums, citizens’ initiatives and recall. All elected representatives should serve the people – not the other way around!”

And when it comes to acting locally, the National Liberal Party is leading the way in its support for local shops, businesses and the self-employed!

Our ‘Shop Local’ campaign has been running for a very long time now but we’ll soon be moving up a gear with a new national leaflet and poster. However, we’ve still got a few of our very popular Stand & Deliver! Leaflets left.

Stand & Deliver! refers to the way that the banks rob shoppers and shop holders alike. It argues that to kick-start the economy Britain needs to revive its local shopping areas:

“To do this the banks should provide interest-free loans to local shops, small businesses and the self-employed. They must be interest-free loans because normally the banks just create ‘credit’ out of nothing and then charges interest on this! This means that you pay much, much, more back to the bank than you actually get from them.”

If you agree with our opposition to the fraudulent banking system – and you support local shops, businesses and the self-employed – then help us promote our message by distributing as many of our Stand & Deliver! leaflets as possible!

• THINK GLOBALLY! 100 copies of the new NLP/NwS self-determination leaflet costs just £5.00. Distribute them to any friends, family or workmates who’re interested in self-determination.

• ACT LOCALLY! 100 copies of the NLP Stand & Deliver! leaflet costs just £5.00. Distribute them to your neighbours and local shop keepers. Support local shops, businesses and the self-employed!

• TO GET HOLD of your leaflets, simply visit our PayPal facility here: Don’t forget to mention that your donation is for leaflets. You can also send a cheque/Postal Order (made payable to the ‘National Liberal Party’) to National Liberal Party, PO Box 4217, Hornchurch, Essex RM12 4PJ, England.

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