Friday, 19 April 2024

The Horror of FGM

THE THIRD in a series of YouTube videos supporting the National Liberal Party’s Euro-Election campaign has just been released!

This one is very different from the first two. The NLPs first video explained that we were using the European Elections as an opportunity to promote the cause of Self-Determination For All! You can view it here:

The second video introduced the NLPs eight brave candidates, who’re on the front lines campaigning for national freedom and social justice. You can view it here:

However, this latest video simply highlights one aspect of our Manifesto – Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

You can view our video here:

As the National Liberal Party’s European-Election Manifesto notes:

“Females across the world communities are seriously damaged and down-trodden through physical violence and social imprisonment. Multiple communities continue to practise honour violence, female genital mutilation, social constrictions and various other forms of female oppression. This injustice against females clearly affects hundreds of thousands in the UK, spread across the ethnic communities. This evil is disguised and legitimised as a ‘culture’ and ‘tradition’. It must stop NOW!”

We’re sure that you’d agree that we need to alert as many people as possible to the horror of FGM. Help us viral this video out using various ‘many to many’ forms of communication like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. To help, just follow this simple ‘action list’:

• Go to the NLPs Facbook page Look out for this FGM article and Like and Share it.

• Post this Tweet on your Twitter account: Say NO to Female Genital Mutilation! Like and Share on Facebook and don’t forget to RT! #NLP #SDDay
• If you have a YouTube account reproduce our FGM video on it.
Get hold of your copy of our Manifesto. Just e-mail and ask for your FREE pdf copy – or download it by clicking on the banner towards the top of our home page. We’d also really appreciate any feedback that you may have – good, bad or indifferent – on our Manifesto. Also, why not become the first person to review it?

• Check out the following web-site and this Twitter feed @Self_Determ_Day
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