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‘Student Fees’ – National Liberal Party Petition


Some of us remember Nick Cleggs election broadcast May 2010 bemoaning politicians long list of broken promises and promising (sic) to be different!

Indeed the first frame on the broadcast was Labour’s broken promise of ‘No Student Tuition Fees’. He said “It’s time for them to be kept”. The Liberal Democrat’s made lots of promises but on student fees Clegg and many other MPs of his party actually signed a pledge, presumably because it might guarantee them even more student votes. How stupid those voters must feel now and how ashamed should Nick Clegg be!

The MP scandal damaged their reputation to the core. Clegg’s broken promise to put up student fees will also damage his party’s reputation to the core. That wouldn’t be too bad but all those who regard themselves as ‘liberals’ may be justifiably outraged by the smear he puts on them all.

His excuse, that being in a coalition requires compromise in the interests of proposed cuts in general, evaporates when his ‘partner in crime’ PM David Cameron announced in China that such an increase for English students will keep fees lower for foreign students!

It is a shame the promised (sic) law on recalling MPs who have broken promises is not yet in place. Guess who would be the first one in a long queue of shame!

Sign the petition calling on Nick Clegg to honour his promise against any increase in student fees. It is still not too late! (his coalition partners were allowed to vote against the AV Referendum so why not a similar vote of conscience?).

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