Saturday, 20 July 2024

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The news that Ron Paul is seriously considering running for the US Presidency again in 2012 is good news not just for North Americans but for the world!

When Ron Paul first came onto the scene in his run for the Republican Presidential candidature in 2008 he was regarded as a part of the ‘small government’ movement that would likely fade away. In truth he mushroomed throughout the country and galvanised many young people, particularly students, to his ‘Civil Liberty at home, non-interventionism abroad’ message.

This was a breath of fresh air for many Americans, worried about their global image following the country’s military intervention in Iraq and their ‘muscular’ pursuit for an elusive Al-Qaeda. The novelty was that an anti-war pro-civil liberty message came not from the left from the ‘right’, albeit the libertarian end! Independent Moneybombs swelled his war chest and the Ron Paul R3volution began to attract many previously non-aligned voters who were looking for an alternative to the Bush Dynasty.

In the end the US Republican voter followed the money and backed establishment insider John McCain and to a crushing defeat to another ‘outsider’ Barack Obama. Sadly the latter promised big but delivered little! The world (and many Americans too) pinned it’s hope on him to pull in US horns. In reality, ex-President Eisenhower’s ‘military-Industrial complex’ seems to have captured the President as he signed off a troop surge in Afghanistan, held back on closing Guantanamo Bay and is now dabbling in Libya.

A resurgent Ron Paul on the other hand has already begun to re-attack US foreign policy for maintaining an interventionist policy. We hope he runs again on an anti-war civil liberty ticket and we wish him well. We think the world needs Ron Paul more than the USA!

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