Sunday, 21 July 2024

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New twist in South Hornchurch by-election


The South Hornchurch by-election on July 3rd took another twist with the announcement that one of the Independent candidates Mark Whitehead, standing on behalf of the South Hornchurch Green Belt Action Group (SURG), is withdrawing from the contest.

 Mr Whitehead said he was concerned that the Independent anti-over-development vote would be split. Because the other candidate Mr Michael Deon Burton was better placed to capture that vote he was to withdraw. Because he will still be on the ballot paper he would be actively campaigning to divert any possible voters to Mr Burton.


The NLP also withdrew our candidate in favour of Michael since in our opinion and now clearly in others too, he is the best man for the job. We provided a statement of support for his election leaflet.


The full list of those standing is:


  • Brown (Residents Association of London)
  • Burton (Independent)
  • Carr (Labour)
  • Letwin (UKIP)
  • Ryan (Conservative)
  • Steff (BNP)
  • Thorogood (English Democrat)
  • Whitehead (now campaigning on behalf of Burton)
  • Witney (Havering Residents Association)





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