Thursday, 20 June 2024

Self-Determination For All … Freedom For Ulster!

OUR LATEST Self-Determination For All … e-poster has been produced in support of Ulster.
The artwork consists of an outline of the current six counties of Ulster – like England, Scotland and Wales its borders have changed over the years.

The flag that is used is known as the Ulster national flag.  It consists of a St Patrick’s saltire overlaid on the blue field of the St Andrew’s saltire. The device in the centre of the saltire is a golden six-pointed star bearing a red hand of Ulster. The flag’s colours, blue, gold and red, feature in ancient Irish and Scottish flags and represent the merging of the Irish and Scottish elements to form the Ulster nation.

Used correctly, the Ulster national flag exists to promote the ideals of national freedom and social justice for Ulster.

The flag is also used to promote a new loyalty – loyalty to the Ulster Motherland.  The divided people of Ulster have been prisoners of their traditional loyalties for far too long.  Therefore our artwork symbolises the desire to give Ulsterfolk something to struggle for – rather than the endless die-in-the-last-ditch rearguard action to defend an already lost cause.  It also seeks to encourage the reawakening of Ulster’s national identity.

• WE welcome debate!  The National Liberal Party and Nations without States would really appreciate your comments – good bad or indiffent – on the above article.  To share your views, simply look out for this article on the National Liberals facebook site or the Nations without States facebook page and have your say in the comments section.

• ALSO check out the National Liberal Party’s Twitter feed @NATIONAL_LIBERA and the Twitter feed of Nations without States @Self_Determ_Day
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